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Water treatment products have taken huge strides forward in the past five years in terms of technology, innovation, and effectiveness. Purinize is one of these new products that offers an intriguing twist to water treatment.  It is the only water treatment solution that I have heard of that touts itself as “all-natural” and chemical-free.


When first testing the Purinize solution, I must admit: I was a bit skeptical.
All-natural?  Could this be true?

As tests have gone on throughout these months, I have learned to trust the solution more…

How Does Purinize Work?

This was probably my biggest question when approaching this product.
The Purinize solution works using a four-stage, unfacilitated process, as explained here:

ONE: Flocculation
When added to water, Purinize causes dissolved, invisible impurities to come out of suspension.

TWO: Coagulation
Next, the impurities are neutralized as they clump together and become insoluble.

THREE: Precipitation
Once coagulated, the insoluble, neutralized impurities solidify as they precipitate out of solution.

FOUR: Deposition
The precipitates settle and are deposited as sediment at the bottom of your water container.

To utilize the solution…

  1. Add the appropriate amount of droplets to your untreated water (see bottle label).
  2. Stir, mix, or shake the solution to spread throughout untreated water.
  3. Wait a few minutes to ensure that treatment has time to take effect.

NOTE: The manufacturer recommends using a filtering system, such as the Sawyer Mini Filter, to filter out precipitates before treating water.  


Benefits of Using Purinize

Here are some proposed benefits that Purinize offers to outdoor enthusiasts. Many of these are claimed by Purinize, the manufacturer, as it is hard to test for these attributes in our field tests of the product…

  • It’s non-toxic and 100% natural.
  • It’s safe to use continuously, everyday.
  • It boasts an unlimited shelf life with no expiration
  • It acts against industrial chemicals in water
  • It neutralizes odors and bad tastes
  • Its treatment time is only a five minute wait
  • It is lightweight and super convenient


Field Tests

Alrighty folks, let’s get down to the nitty gritty with Purinize.  We tested this product in a variety of situations over the past couple of months to get an idea for how Purinize could fare against other alternatives.  So far, we have been pleasantly surprised!

Our initial testing of Purinize was conducted using a clear, fast-moving water source. We bottled two liters of fresh water from a mountain spring way up in the Appalachians of Northern Georgia.  From there, we added 15 drops of Purinize to each liter and waited the five minutes.  The water was clean, clear, and tasted great!  We had no complaints with these tests when on the Appalachian Trail.


Our most recent test put Purinize to a much harder test. We treated water from one of the most gnarly water sources of our country: the main channel of the Mississippi River.


Having Purinize’s combo package of the Sawyer Mini Filter and the Purinize solution, we were ready to really utilize the capabilities of the treatment system in this series of tests. As it is touted to do, Purinize should counteract industrial chemicals that might be in the Mississippi as well. With the Sawyer filter, we were also quite confident in the process!


Although La Crosse (Wisconsin) is far from the southern, more contaminated waters of the Mississippi, the water still had a large amount of precipitates and color, making both stages absolutely necessary in this situation.  We proceeded to filter and treat the water to see Purinize’s real power…


Like any water with questionable contents, we heeded Purinize’s suggestion to add extra droplets and wait extra time.  From what we can tell,even the Mississippi water tastes good and turned out to be crystal clear using the Sawyer and Purizine combo.


Bottom Line

I trust Purinize.
But with the Sawyer Mini Filter.

Lab test results and scientific data is being released that is beginning to quantify Purinize’s effectiveness. So far, it seems that the information has backed up the manufacturer’s word! This is very promising for any product, and we hope that it continues to fare well.

When thinking toward the future, I will continue to use Purinize on backcountry trips with the Sawyer filter to stay as natural and safe as possible.  I find it to be an innovative product that offers a second stage in treatment that could be very useful for many common water sources in today’s world.


Thanks to Purinize and Deep Creek PR for making this review possible!

Read more about Purizine and how it works here:

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  • James Tracy

    So I’m guessing that you didn’t have Montezuma’s revenge a few days after testing this?

    Great thorough and detailed article. The price is pretty good too!

  • AJ Heil

    Jim — Super glad that you enjoyed this article! I had no symptoms after writing or testing for Purinize… It has been a great product thus far! Especially with the mini filter.

    Would you ever consider picking one up?


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