The IceMule Classic is an adaptable leak-proof cooler for outdoor enthusiasts.  Whether you are heading out on the rivers of Wisconsin, camping at a state park in Georgia, or off-roading in Colorado, the IceMule suits a variety of different recreational lifestyles!

(Check out a video review of the Ice Mule here.)


The IceMule is made out of a very durable, textured, rubber exterior.  The cooler has no significant seams, nor does it have weak points in the sealant system. By its design, the IceMule is made to be a durable soft-shell cooler that will stand up to the test of time.

When examining the straps and buckles (see video), I didn’t find any cause for concern as far as buckle strength or potential breaking of the plastic clasps, if treated properly.


What Makes the IceMule Special?

Glad you asked!

Well, if the leak-proof design, flexible form, textured rubber exterior, or sturdy sealant system aren’t enough already, the IceMule also has a totally rad shoulder strap for easy carry.  The strap is adjustable to suit a variety of carrying styles and body types.  Not only that, but it is easily removable via wire-gate carabiners at each attachment point.

The slick carrying system allows you to easily transport the IceMule and be hands-free so that you can carry your other beach gear or picnic supplies when you are en route!


The second thing that makes the IceMule Classic so unique is the inflatable walls.  By blowing air into the port on the side of the cooler, you can adjust the amount of insulation that the cooler provides and create a perfect layer of air in the walls of your dry bag.

Have you heard the cheek-fact, “Air is the best insulator”? Well, it has some truth to it when it comes to coolers!


Field Tests

  1. Paddleboarding: Day Trip
    Result: Awesome performance!  Felt very solid on the water, and the strap adjusted perfectly.  No leaks or problems even with submersion tests and throwing it around in the water.  Very buoyant and versatile!
  2. Canoeing: Day Trip
    Result:  The IceMule kept everything dry and perfectly comfortable. The thing that stood out today was the great flexibility of this cooler which enabled me to cram it into a variety of cozy spots (underneath crossbars, in the car, etc.). My initial concern worth noting is the sturdiness of the male buckle piece–seems a bit weak here.
  3. Camping: Overnight
    Result: IceMule was bomber and provided better cooling qualities than I expected from an inflatable rubber cooler.  With a little ice, our meat and produce stayed cool for the duration! Great weekend with the IceMule!
  4. Canoeing: Three Days
    Result: IceMule was impressive, versatile, and worked well to keep things cool on the roadtrip and onto the water the first day.  My only qualm was not having a bigger IceMule to hold more food items and beverages!
  5. Roadtrip: Three Days
    Result: Even with minimal ice, the cooler worked very well under extreme heat (80-90 degrees each day with no air-conditioning).  My beverages and food stayed perfectly cool with a little added ice throughout the day!


Bottom Line

The IceMule is a flexible and versatile cooler system that suits a variety of recreational styles! I will continue to use the cooler regularly until, for some reason, I find a better alternative to a cooler of this size… which may not be for quite some time! I’ve become a fan of the IceMule Classic, and will look into acquiring one with a higher carrying capacity in the months to come.


MSRP: $39.95-59.95 (Small-Large)

Thanks to IceMule and Deep Creek PR for making this review possible!

Read more about the IceMule Classic here.

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    Sounds like a pretty cool cooler! And extremely versatile…

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