Just looking at the Katoomba 150, you can tell there is more than meets the eye. This DSLR camera sling bag offers a sturdy build from quality materials combined with a clever design, making it perfect for your next adventure.


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The main compartment is where the magic is. Spacious enough for your DSLR and two lenses, this bag has you covered for almost any day trip around town or out on the trail. The innovative zipper system makes the 150L (left shoulder strap) and 150R (Right shoulder strap) identical, while allowing the main compartment to be completely open, providing unlimited access to your camera gear.


On the inside door, inner compartments provide storage for a cleaning cloth, and empty (green) and full (red) memory cards. The soft fabric dividers allow you to customize the fit while keeping your gear safe and secure.

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On the outside there is a compartment with two clips that holds a rain cover, making it the perfect companion no matter what the elements throw at you. The rain cover is attached to the bag, preventing you from leaving it at home or losing if the wind picks up or you happen to find yourself in a hurricane.


While the outer compartment is snapped on, the main compartment zippers can not completely open, keeping the contents secure while still allowing safe access to your camera, lenses, and accessories.


Additionally, two outside compartments offer ample storage. The  flat compartment on the front allows for quick access to smaller items, such as lens filters or car keys, while the compartment on the back offers more space for personal belongings or camera gear, and is padded to keep them safe.

Extra storage

Both sides have two straps to attach a camera tripod: a huge plus for the dedicated photographer. The rubberized base offers protection from moisture and dirt… something all to often encountered out on the trail.


The shoulder strap, hip belt, and back offer excellent padding for a long day with gear. The straps are easily adjusted with just a few clicks, making it easy to hand off to a friend or loved one. The Katoomba 150 comes equipped with a stabilizing strap, which keeps the bag in place while searching for the perfect shot.


The quick shoot feature allows for fast adjustments by (1) uncliping the stabilizing strap, (2) pulling the bag forward, (3) opening the main compartment, and (4) allowing immediate access to your camera and gear while providing a sturdy platform for lens changes.

Quick Draw


Overall the Katoomba 150 is an excellent DSLR camera bag. The study construction with protection in mind has made this my go-to bag for day trips with my camera. The main compartment zipper setup is quite ingenious, as it allows you to set up the bag the way you want it, allowing for complete access. The red fabric adds a feeling of class to the bag, and the lens cloth and the color coded memory card storage brought a smile to this photographer’s face.

The rain cover was a great touch, making one less thing to worry about when I leave the house. Padding is always an issue when it comes to camera bags, and the Katoomba 150 has found the perfect middle ground. The shoulder strap is padded just enough to make you forget you have the pack on, while the back is well-padded and ventilated, keeping you dry, even on a humid South Florida hike. The stabilizing strap was an excellent addition, keeping the bag in place and leaving me free to focus on the trail rather than a slipping pack.

The biggest feature of the Katoomba 150 is the quick shoot option, which is an excellent design. This feature is perfect for moments when you need to get to your camera fast while also allowing for a stable platform to change lenses or filters on the go.


Bottom Line

This pack is perfect if you are looking for a bag for short day hikes, a biking trip, or a day around town. The Katoomba 150 is large enough for a DSLR, two lenses, and extra camera gear, but is not equipped for caring other gear such as a water bottle. The tripod straps and quick shoot option made this camera bag stand out from the others and my go-to bag for everyday shooting, short trail hikes, or rides and sightseeing around town.

MSRP: £59.99 ($101.20)

Sold at: LoveCases.co.uk 

Thanks to LoveCases.co.uk  for organizing this review.

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