The Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014 show is certainly underway!  Many companies have begun to unveil new and modified lines of products, including SteriPEN, an innovative brand that specializes in UV water treatment devices.  Here are some of the new updates and details about the current line of products that SteriPEN will officially include in its 2015 line.


Perhaps SteriPEN’s most significant changes to its line is the new SteriPEN Classic 3 that now features improved battery life, comfortable ergonomics, and better resistance to water damage. The SteriPEN Classic 3 comes as a replacement to the SteriPEN Classic and sports some significant advantages to its predecessor product. With only four AA alkaline batteries, the pen purifies at least 50 liters of water, or 100 liters with rechargeable lithium batteries. The retail package also comes with SteriPEN’s Pre-Filter and a neoprene pouch to carry the pen.


The SteriPEN Freedom has quickly become a favorite in the market with its creative engagement features, such as a motion-triggered treatment action. On the first day of the Outdoor Retailer show, the Freedom pen was recognized by the American Alpine Institute as a “guides choice” for water treatment in the backcountry.  The Freedom is SteriPEN’s lightest UV water purifier and is fully rechargeable via a micro-USB cable.  The sleek and smooth design packs easily and provides a great alternative to bulky water treatment options!




The new SteriPEN Ultra is the most advanced of the purifying models, with user-friendly OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes). Although all SteriPENs are safe and effective, the Ultra is simple and provides a rechargeable micro-USB system similar to the Freedom.


The Adventurer, pictured here in black and green, is a pocket-sized, rugged version of the SteriPEN that is recommended for backpackers and hardcore enthusiasts.  The adventurer can take a beating, but be sure to still steer clear of submerging it in water! Unlike the Freedom and Ultra, the Adventurer runs off of two CR123 batteries (included).


SteriPEN continues to make some significant strides forward in water treatment technology and boasts a proven track record backed by over 25 ideal sets of lab tests, two years of vigorous testing by the American Alpine Institute, and the voice of an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts.  As one of their taglines for the Classic 3 says, SteriPEN is “So easy… Just activate, place in the water, and stir.”  There you have it!  You now know how to operate every model on the 2015 lineup!  Have fun, and enjoy the clean water 🙂


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