Technology of the future? It sure seems that way at Outdoor Retailer 2014!


Secur has a new line of solar-integrated battery cases for smartphones in development–and they aren’t afraid to show it! This new technology allows smartphone users to charge their devices anywhere using advanced photovoltaic cells built into a sturdy case that attaches to the back and surrounds popular smartphones.


The case features a fully-functional battery pack that charges the solar cells when your phone is topped off at 100% and ready to go. The battery and case can also be simply detached from your phone and placed in the sunlight to charge itself, providing hours of charging later for your mobile device. Low on sunlight and drained the battery?  No problem! The case also allows for your phone’s normal charging port to be used to juice your device through the battery pack.  That also means that you’ll be able to charge your case from the wall, your computer, or a variety of other energy sources.


The technology is really exciting for Secur, a company that specializes in providing innovative energy solutions for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency situations.  In the current line of development, a version of the case is near completion for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 that will be released next month.  The case is designed to seamlessly integrate with your mobile device and to provide a constant flow of energy to your cellphone — whether sunny, cloudy, or even at night! How cool is that?

For more information on Secur, check out their website.

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