“Ultralight” has quickly become the new craze for many outdoor enthusiasts: always searching for the nicest, newest, lightest gear has many benefits and quite the appeal these days! Many outdoor companies have facilitated the trend and met the need with new products that seek to offer high performance with less overall weight.

Vargo is one of these companies. Specifically, the coolest thing about Vargo is that their gear was inspired during the brink of the ultralight revolution.  Titanium tent stakes were the very first product that they ever designed and produced, now leading to a full line of outdoor, ultralight gear.  To this day, Vargo’s mission is to lighten people’s packs and provide simple, durable gear that allows us to focus on our activities more than the weight or function of our gear. (Learn more here.)


As for one of Vargo’s premier product types, I have had the pleasure and privilege of testing the Titanium Ascent Stakes on several backpacking and camping trips over the past two months. These tent stakes bolster some of the most impressive specifications and construction of lightweight camping products, weighing in at 0.3 oz apiece with a webbed design that does not compromise integrity.


The Ascent stakes feature a highly visible, durable cord on the top of each stake.  This allows for easy spotting, so that you don’t forget your uber-awesome titanium stakes at your site somewhere, and for easier removal of stakes from ground. The cord is strong, not bulky, and has melted ends that are well-sealed.  Although the cord is of a high quality, it is important to note that these loops are not designed as additional tie-down features for your setup.


It is essential to ensure that you properly stress titanium stakes by installing them at an angle with the V’s facing outward, away from your tent or rainfly. Especially with ultralight gear, improperly applying tension on items such as tent stakes can result in equipment failure either immediately or over time with repeated use.


Although these stakes are “bomber” for use in both the backcountry and frontcountry, exercise caution when applying pressure and installing your stakes.  This is mostly to prevent bending or damaging the Ascent Stakes when hitting a rock, or other dense material, with aggressive force.  That being said, I’ve seen that the Ascent stakes can take some abuse and still not show significant wear or signs of failure!


As an overall impression, I couldn’t be happier with the Vargo Ascent Tent Stake set that I have had the chance to test and stress throughout the past two months.  These titanium stakes are super-lightweight, well-constructed, and my favorite tent stakes that I have used to date.  My only regret is losing one on a backpacking trip earlier this season, having mistakenly thought that I had recovered all eight when only having seven in hand — Whoops!  This was a careless mistake that only still stings because I appreciate these stakes so much!

MSRP: $3.95 each.

Thanks to Deep Creek PR and Vargo for providing these tent stakes for review!

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