One thing that seems universal among adventurers is our need to travel.  It’s not to say that we have to travel far away or pack up and move all the time, but there comes a time when are hearts are drawn to GO.  To go somewhere–anywhere–and to enter into an adventure.  It’s in adventure, and going, that we immerse ourselves into meaningful experiences… and at some point, even before the adventure begins, we need to decide, initiate, pack, and prepare.

The No Matter What Duffel series is made just for this, regardless of whether you have five minutes to pack, or if you’ve been planning for months. The No Matter What Duffel is there–burly, versatile, and ready to go–just like its name says.



This duffel is made for adventure.  The fabric is tough, water resistant, and still fairly lightweight! It sports tough webbing, a reinforced construction, and a strong strap system. When designing and producing this product, Eagle Creek took extra care to ensure that the No Matter What Duffel is as durable and tough as possible. The duffel is intended for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure travel, and anything else that you throw its way.


What’s to like?

I had the opportunity to utilize the Large version of the No Matter What Duffel for several months of intense adventure and travel.  The thing that stood out to me time and time again was this pack’s ability to take a beating, but not show it (other than the intense green getting a little blemished). Even in the rain, this pack keeps clothing and gear dry and protected extremely well! The straps and seams are exceptionally strong, unlike some lesser-quality duffels that you’d typically buy in a retail store.  The fabric and reinforced bottom also proved themselves time and time again through the dirt, gravel, sand, mud, and random sharp objects.



When examining the features on the No Matter What Duffel, I found that the locking zipper was of fantastic quality and works well under stress. The zipper pieces themselves seem super solid and don’t show any signs of weakening. The zipper line is also very strong, with a fabric flap to keep additional water from potentially seeping into the pack. The duffel sports strong carry handles on either side, an adjustable, padded shoulder strap, and two carry straps that can be clasped together. The external pocket (shown below) can be handy to keep several things readily accessible on the outside of the pack, while still keeping them protected and away from the elements. The shoulder strap is detachable for packing and travel, allowing you to easily tuck straps in and fly with this duffel. Perhaps one of my favorite, unique features is the compression straps that wrap over the top of the pack! These are totally useful to tighten your pack together, especially when you have a large one in which empty space often exists.

Overall, the design seems well thought-out, tweaked, and tuned.


IMG_7087What’s not to like?

One funny thing that I think of right away, mostly because of my color choice, is that this pack gets marked and shows dirt easily. That’s more of a tip, in case you’re concerned with carrying around a dirty pack? Apart from that, the compression strap buckles seem to be made of a little lesser quality than some of the other features.  This concerns me in the case that too much tension could potentially cause them to snap or break.  However, Eagle Creek gives this product their No Matter What Warranty, which seems to cover things like buckle failure extremely well. Other than that, I can’t think of any other ways to improve this pack–it literally seems bombproof when carrying it, knocking it around, and engaging in adventure.




Bottom Line

I see the Eagle Creek No Matter What Duffels as a worthy investmentI intentionally use the word investment because I really think that this product will last for the long haul.  With the durable construction and No Matter What Warranty, you can take the utmost confidence in grabbing this any and every time you’re heading out on an adventure!


I would recommend the No Matter What Duffel to anyone looking to travel and be outdoors in the months to come. This pack gets the job done over and over again, with a top-quality design and adventure in mind.  If this has sparked your interest, you can read more and check out their line over at EagleCreek.com.

And to all: keep living your adventures!

MSRP: $90

Thanks to Eagle Creek and Terra PR for making this review possible!

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