Staying relatively scent-free is a luxury when backpacking, hiking, and camping. It’s awesome when a shirt is designed to not only help you keep smelling good, but also boast a lightweight, breathable design.  The Lu Lu Lemon Metal Vent Tech shirt gets that done, and more, with sleek performance and design.  Here’s the scoop on their latest.IMG_1690


The Metal Vent Tech shirt is designed with a strategic venting system for both intense cardiovasular activities and an overall active lifestyle. Vents have been placed underneath the arms, around the lower chest, down the sides, and along the back of the shirt in “hot spots” where you would often see sweat stains normally.  The Metal Tech Vent shirt also features a unique stitching blend that prevents chafing and discomfort. Designed and developed by Lu Lu Lemon, you can pretty much guarantee a quality product for the active lifestyle!  But let’s look a little further…

Front view of the Metal Vent Tech short sleeve shirt (Photo: LuLuLemon.com)

Front view of the Metal Vent Tech short sleeve shirt (Photo: LuLuLemon.com)

What’s to like?

When field testing the shirt, I immersed it into many different situations and environments.  I’ve been very pleased with the performance of the Metal Vent Tech and it has quickly become my favorite base layer with its loose-fitting style and unbeatable comfort.

What’s to like about the MVT?  The shirt is virtually wrinkle-free, feels super soft, and vents better than any other shirt that I own.  The cloudy-green that I picked up (not pictured here) is an awesome design reflected in each color (see below) that I definitely prefer to solid colors.  The shirt’s durable stitching wraps around the shoulders and feels seamless.

When testing the shirt, I only had one time when I was able to sweat through a portion of the shirt… and even then, I had to nearly force it to happen!  You can tell that the MVT has a smartly and strategically-designed venting system!

As if that’s not enough, the shirt has some awesome hidden gems: inside the front waist of the shirt, you can find these words written: “And make sure to drink a beer or two along the way.” On the inside of the back waist of the shirt, another piece of inspiration: “Visualize your victory, realize your goals, believe in yourself.”  What’s better than a shirt that inspires and encourages you with positive themes in your life? 🙂

A shirt with a creative caption on both sides (Photo: LuLuLemon.com)

A shirt with a creative caption on both sides (Photo: LuLuLemon.com)

What’s not to like?

OK — enough with the romanticism.

What’s not to like about the Metal Vent Tech shirt? The first, and possibly only, thing that I can think of is its pricing.  The MVT comes in right at $64 per shirt, which means that it may seem like a significant investment to the average hiker, backpacker, or camper.  It would be so nice to have a more affordable price point, with such a quality shirt, but I can understand the niche that Lu Lu Lemon has for this in the current market of active, outdoor enthusiasts. The MVT is designed for sweat and built for the active lifestyle, so it’s still worth the investment if you’re looking for a layer that will LAST.

When testing the shirt, I ran into an everyday yoga enthusiast that couldn’t help but talk about his Lu Lu Lemon shirt as the only layer he can wear day after day and not wear through, or build an awful smell after regular use.  It’s true — these products can take a beating, endure tons of use, and still last for the long haul!

Lu Lu Lemon's MVT in action  (top hammock in photo)

Lu Lu Lemon’s MVT in action (top hammock in photo)


The Metal Vent Tech shirt is worth the bones, but sports a high price point for the average enthusiast. Currently at $64, it’s still worth considering as a reliable, long-lasting, and high-performing item in your apparel arsenal — after all, its name practically makes it sound like the piece of armor that it is!

MSRP: $64.00

Thanks to Lu Lu Lemon and Hayter Communications for providing this shirt for review!

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