Single Female, Camping Alone

I am what you could call a bonafide solo-road-tripper. Each car that I’ve owned, with the exception of my current rig, I have driven to its untimely death–miles of smiles right to the end. I can’t get enough of the open road. Amazingly enough, with as many times as I have made solo trips up …

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Photo Ratings on Tripleblaze

We often receive emails or comments asking why a certain photo is the main thumbnail for a trail or trail system, and our response is: “because you chose it to be.” Photos for a specific trail are organized by the ratings that you, the users, have given them. The photos with the highest ratings float …

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December Photo and Review Contest Winners

Congratulations to our December contribution contest winners: Hoss and Melissa Peacock. For their hiking trail reviews and photos, each will receive a $25 REI gift card. Each month we award points for member contributions and the top two members with the most points earn gift cards! Here’s how the point values break down: 3 points: …

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Tripleblaze is Giving Free Topo Map Access to 1,000 Boy Scout Troops

Scouting was a big part of my life growing up. My Dad, an Eagle Scout himself, encouraged my brothers and I to attain the highest rank in Scouting and I’m proud to say all three of us did just that. It was my experiences as a Boy Scout that led me to a lifelong love …

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Take the Tripleblaze Audience Survey for Free Stickers + Chance to Win 1-year Membership ($24.99 value)

We’re running a Tripleblaze audience survey this month and want to hear from you! Whether you’re a news junkie who follows the articles here on the blog or just want camping and hiking information, our goal is to tailor our coverage to meet your outdoor information needs. The survey should take 5-10 minutes and everyone …

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November REI Gift Card Winners

Congratulations to our top review and photo contributors in November, hoss and Brendan McDonald! Post your camping and hiking photos and reviews in December for a chance to win one of two $25 REI gift cards. We recently made some changes to the Tripleblaze homepage to highlight the daily outdoor content that’s being posted. We …

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October Contest Winners

Lake Owen, Wisconsin Congratulations to our top outdoor photo and review contributors in October: Melissa Peacock and Sarah Hikes. Melissa and Sarah earned $25 REI gift cards by adding great hiking and camping photos and you can too! Just sign up for a free Tripleblaze account and start sharing your adventures this month.

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Tripleblaze Is Looking for Camping and Hiking Bloggers

Are you passionate about the outdoors, and do you love to share your adventures through carefully-crafted words and photos?  We’re looking for enthusiastic, dependable writers to contribute to the TripleBlaze blog on a weekly basis with product reviews, trip reports, and commentary on camping and hiking in the US. Aside from being featured as a …

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August Contest Winners

Coldwater Mountain in Anniston, AL. Congratulations to our August contribution contest winners, kjspurlock and Sarah Hikes! Each will receive a $25 REI gift card for their outdoor photos and reviews submitted in the month of August. Remember, each photo and video you submit is worth 1 point, reviews and map data are worth 2 points, …

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