March Outdoor Photo & Review Contest Winners

photo: Aaron Chamberlain

We took a bit of a break from the Tripleblaze contribution contest over the winter but now it’s back! Members earn points for adding camping and hiking reviews and photos, and each month we’ll reward the top two contributors with $25 REI gift cards. Out of more than 40 contributors in March, James Tracy and Jackson …

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Review: STRONG & KIND Thai Sweet Chili Snack Bars


Talk about a unique flavor! I know what you’re thinking right now… “Thai Sweet Chili? Woa!” That’s right!  And it’s pretty incredible! In recent years, KIND has grown to be widely known in the “granola bar” world–maybe more properly labeled as snacks and snack bars. With a dynamic business philosophy and an entrepreneurial mindset, KIND …

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Review: Switch Lynx Sunglasses

2015-03-27 IMG_7455

How many different styles and brands of sunglasses are out there?  The number of options seem endless sometimes… but the brand Switch offers something truly unique that is worth investigating in the world of outdoor optics.  Check it out: Switch sunglasses use a magnetic interchange technology that literally allows you to pop the lenses out …

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Review: Hydrapak Stash Bottle


This summer, I reported on Hydrapak’s line of collapsible water bottles as seen at the Summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City.  At that time, the Stash bottle was unveiled as Hydrapak’s newest compact water bottle.  This new collapsible water bottle is one of their most unique products, featuring a locking system that will keep …

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Campground Profile: Point Supreme, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Brian Head, Utah

One of the many overlooks at Cedar Breaks National Monument

This fall as part of our Labor Day biking trip, we camped for a few nights at Point Supreme campground in the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Cedar Breaks is located in Southwest Utah near Brian Head and Panguitch.  It’s best known for the badlands rock formations and erosions that have occurred there, creating amazing red …

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5 Benefits of Backpacking with Your Significant Other


Honestly, who better to spend five days in the wilderness with than your significant other? No one knows you better, understands your moods more, or can give you the kind of support that he/she can. When problems arise, however, (you get lost or it rains the whole time) tempers can flare and you might suddenly …

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Review: Tea Drops Tea


I was pleasantly surprised when I got home the other day and discovered a beautiful package waiting for me. I’d agreed to try out Tea Drops.  These little nuggets of tea goodness are designed to take away the hassle of preparing tea, especially at work: getting out your tea ball, filling it, steeping the tea, …

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National Park Service Fee Free Day: February 14-16

Laura explores one of the main slab tunnels within Popp's.

In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson singed into law the National Park Service to conserve our most precious natural and historic jewels for the enjoyment generation after generation. Celebrate the gift that keeps on giving February 14-16 in observance of Presidents Day weekend with waived entrance, commercial tour, and transportation entrance fees for all National Parks by hitting the …

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Review: GU Roctane Endurance Gel


Above and beyond normal energy gels, GU has released the Roctane Endurance Gel series after years of testing with thousands of athletes who have engaged in extreme activities and endurance competitions. Roctane Gels are superior to GU’s original energy gel recipes through the addition of new ingredients formulated to add more performance punch. Roctane offers …

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Review: Chaco Holbuck Boots

2015-01-05 chaco

Known so well for their outdoor sandals, Chaco has now expanded into the realm of boots and other styles of footwear.  The Holbuck Boots are a prime example of Chaco’s innovation and expansion, as one of the first releases in their new series. I’m not going to lie. Immediately, I was a bit hesitant: “Chaco …

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Ideas for Backpacking with Dietary Restrictions

Louisiana Red Beans and Rice is a great gluten-free backpacking option.

As I deal with an upcoming allergist appointment to determine some food allergies I’ve developed, I’ve started to wonder about backpacking meals and snacks for people with dietary restrictions. Whether you’re a vegan by choice or on a doctor-recommended gluten-free or low-acid diet, planning a backpacking trip suddenly becomes a little more stressful when you …

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November Top Contributors

The Appalachian Trail near Damascus, VA in December. Get out there!

Thanks for our top review and photo contributors in November, James Tracy and Ringworm. Each will receive a $25 REI gift card just in time to spend on last minute holiday gifts! Looking for the perfect way to burn off those extra holiday calories before the New Year? Get out for a hike and share …

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Review: Vargo Ascent Tent Stakes


“Ultralight” has quickly become the new craze for many outdoor enthusiasts: always searching for the nicest, newest, lightest gear has many benefits and quite the appeal these days! Many outdoor companies have facilitated the trend and met the need with new products that seek to offer high performance with less overall weight. Vargo is one …

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Interview: Caving Advice and Guidelines


I’ve had the incredible opportunity to correspond with Jennifer Redell, Cave & Mine Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, about caving activities in the Upper Midwest and abroad.  As caves continue to see more and more activity, her expertise has proven useful in providing me with additional resources and advice to encourage responsible …

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October Top Contributors

photo: Tripleblaze member Colfax. Location: Tallulah Gorge, Georgia.

Congratulations to Tripleblaze members James Tracey and jpage2 for being our top photo and review contributors last month! Each will receive a $25 REI gift card for their online submissions. Fall is a great time to get out and explore trails in your area. Colors change, new views open up, and temperates are usually just right. Where …

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