Had a bad experience booking a campground online? Encourage open access to spur innovation!


If you’ve ever tried to book a public lands campground online, you know the process is frustrating and difficult. The Access Land initiative is seeking “Open Data for Open Land” which is basically a geeky way of saying we need to open public land information and booking tools to promote competition and growth in online …

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Review: Chaco Layna Women’s Hiking Shoes


Today I got to test out a pair of Chaco Layna hiking shoes for women.  What’s that? You didn’t know Chaco made hiking shoes?  Me neither!  Better known for their hiking sandals, Chaco does, in fact, make hiking shoes and boots for men and women. The Layna is a women’s-specific waterproof hiking shoe.  The shoes …

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Review: Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug


There are many things in life that outdoorsy people share outside of their primary activities like backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, and paddling. One of them that seems almost universal is coffee… Or at least hot drinks?  We enjoy them.  We really do!  And although I’m speaking with generalities, I think we are all looking for …

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September Review and Photo Top Contributors


  Moraine Lake Highline trail, Banff National Park, Canada. Congratulations to our top photo and review contributors for the month of September: hoss and James Tracy. Each will receive a $25 REI gift card for their submissions! Fall is easily my favorite time of year for getting out to camp and hike so I’m excited …

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Why Camping Is the Ultimate Dog-Friendly Vacation


Dogs are the ultimate camping companions. Whether you’re exploring foreign territory or wandering into the dreamiest landscapes, having your best friend by your side to share in the experience creates an everlasting bond. In this article, I’ll explain why camping is the ultimate dog-friendly vacation. So, if you’re going to spend the rest of your …

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TripleBlaze Contest Winners: August


August was a hot month to go hiking and camping and you shared with us your experiences. Thanks to everyone that contributed photos and reviews during the month, we really appreciate it. The two winners for most contributions during the month of August are James Tracy and Sarah Hikes (Is Hikes your real name? If …

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Review: Ezeefit Ankle Booties


When trekking long distances, backpacking, or hiking, I’ll admit that I’ve been one to suffer from pressure points and harmful rubbing on my feet from constant vibration and shifting in my boots. In fact, many of us reading on Tripleblaze have probably suffered from blisters or other ailments at one point in time, or even …

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Outdoor Retailer: Solar Power Going Big

Phone cases with solar panels built into the back... Read our full feature article here.

What’s the tech craze in the outdoor gear industry these days? Well, it seems that solar-powered gadgets are certainly stealing the spotlight! When at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of solar-powered devices, solar-power chargers, and solar-power brands emerging. Not only that, but it seems that every show and expo displays more …

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Review: Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Kit Bracelet


On the outside, it may look like a simple paracord bracelet… but when you look closer, an incredible array of survival equipment is literally at your fingertips with the Wazoo Mountaineer Survival Kit Bracelet.  Boasted as “the most complete wearable survival kit” on the market, this bracelet ranks among the most unique and interesting wrist-wear …

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Collapsible Water Bottles from Hydrapak: A Backpacking/Hiking Solution?


Hikers and backpackers of our world are always looking for ways to save space and shave ounces from their gear.  Not only that, but we have generally become much more focused on purchasing and possessing items that will provide the same quality in a simple, smaller, or sometimes lighter form.  Hydrapak is working hard to …

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Outdoor Retailer: “Super-Charged” Solar Phone Cases from Secur


Technology of the future? It sure seems that way at Outdoor Retailer 2014! Secur has a new line of solar-integrated battery cases for smartphones in development–and they aren’t afraid to show it! This new technology allows smartphone users to charge their devices anywhere using advanced photovoltaic cells built into a sturdy case that attaches to the …

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