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At this creekside campground you'll have a fishing hole for your back yard, and that's not all. Add spectacular scenery, clear water swimming holes, picturesque hiking trails and excellent wildlife watching (in other words the standard amenities of Oak Creek Canyon) and it should come as no surprise that these pieces of recreational real estate are in high demand. Now comes the bad news. This campground is small, so small that trailers and RV's are prohibited. So small that to get a campsite here you've got to be more than early, you've got to be lucky.The decor at Manzanita Campground is Arizona ash and box elders, gravel beaches and stream-bed boulders. The creek is regularly stocked with trout. Colorful songbirds add a flash of brilliance to the trees. Access is easy. The campground is just a few yards off US 89A and the pull-throughs are paved.
Contact: US Forest Service (
Posted by: Jeff Barber on December 5, 2005
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    Campground Activities

    Camping, Fishing, Swimming/wading, Hiking, Sightseeing, Wildlife viewing, Photography

    Campground Amenities

    19 single-unit sites, tables, fire rings and cooking grills, drinking water, vault toilets (Barrier free)

    Reservation info

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    Camping Fees

    $18 per night, $7 second vehicle. Campgrounds available for picnic/day use from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for $7.00. Firewood is available for sale in all our campgrounds by our hosts. The price is $6.00 ea or 3 bags for $15.

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    Reviews of Manzanita

    Reviewed by AboveTheRidge on May 21, 2019

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    Camped here 1 night between biking Sedona and heading to Flagstaff. TINY SPACES. Barely any vehicle room. My backyard has more privacy and space for tent camping. Suited our need for the evening but definitely would find alternate CG when passing thru again.
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    Reviewed by carlzgr8 on September 16, 2011

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    THE worst camping experience ever. We arrived to a wonderful idillic small end site with a river nearby, a swimming hole and a cliff to jump off. It was Sunday afternoon so the swim hole was full of tattooed teeth challenged machismo gents, but we figured by Monday we'd be good. When we arrived the gracious hosts gave us the rules and we thought... this is good.No radios, sounded like "no crap" but friendly. We went to Sedona for a late afternoon meal...arriving back to find the next site over having THE Largest tent I've ever seen half on our site, Of course they couldn't move it because of the other two tents on their own site. 18 - 25 people on a very small site (8 is maximum according to the large sign), young, old, men, women, babies, 3 dogs (at least). There are coolers EVERYWHERE, food is left out on tables and chairs all night. The picnic table was piled with food (hello bears, besideshaving to look at a crapfest) People sleeping in cars, burning smoky trees instead of fire wood. So the 3 dogs start pooping everywhere. One little chihuahua kept coming out the dog door in the large tent, right next to our tent, on our site and barking. This went on all night. Yap yap yap, followed by a leash being yanked. In the morning we found a mine field of poop. Finally rocks started appearing on top of the poo. I said to my wife "this is incredible, they are hiding it"... no it was my wife who was tired of stepping in it. We did complain and the hosts said "well what are you going to do?" ??? When I said we were leaving early, he asked if it was the weather? So they seem to not enforce rules (except parking and radios) but really have not a clue.

    Before you think this is just a bad experience... this campground seems to be a magnet for poorer / larger families with dogs, with beer and etc. Its cheap and its near(est) Sedona AND the rules are not enforced (other than 1 car per site). There were a number of examples of people who showed up with a their truck, extended family, more beer than gear, old leaky tents, full sized home grills, and dogs. Just know you won't be alone

    Just absolutely not what I want when going camping.

    BTW...We drove past a campground further north towards Flagstaff that looked more spaceed out and less crowded and nice.
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    Reviewed by Guest on July 21, 2009

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    Our group camped here in March or April. It was very nice, but just off the road and we could hear traffic all day and night. I thought the camp sites on the outside edge were spaced much better than in the center of the loop.
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    Reviewed by Guest on June 15, 2009

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    This place sucks for the price. The host for the campsite was like Jackyl and Hyde. She was down right nasty!! There are only a few parking spaces, most people have to park on the main road and pay $5 for a daily pass in addition to the $20 per person. All the tents are crammed in, you will be able to hear several people snoring and it will keep you awake. You have to be as quiet as a mouse, in fear of the host. I would recommend Lo Lo Mai Springs which is just outside Sedona.
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    Reviewed by EricInScottsdale on April 28, 2009

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    Lovely campground alongside Oak Creek. There's only one problem... Its right on the road! I'd give this place a 5 if there was some distance between the campsites and the road. The sites near the creek are better than the ones in the back, right below the highway. Sites fill up fast on summer weekends. This place is typical of all camping in and near Sedona- Crowded and full. I do, however, like this campground the best of all in the Sedona area.
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