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Be extremely cautious with fire and use only the fireplaces provided. please do not cut down trees or shrubs; they provide natural scenery and shade-not firewood. Please do not carve on the trees. Carving leaves a wound where fungus can enter and kill the tree.Please do not deposit fish remains in the lakes and clean fish away from the water faucets. Please wrap fish remains and other highly spoilage meats, food, etc., in small plastic bags, bread wrappers, or newspapers before putting them into garbage receptacles. By tightly wrapping the remains flies and odors can be eliminated or greatly reduced. Please do not put unwrapped remains into the garbage receptacle.Please crush and compact boxes, milk cartons, cans etc., before putting them into garbage receptacles - more garbage will fit into the containers if compacting is done.Please pick up litter around your campsite and put it in the receptacle. Also please read and comply with the posted regulations.Thank you for your help; enjoy your visit!!
Contact: US Forest Service (
Posted by: Jeff Barber on February 9, 2006
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    Campground Activities

    In a picturesque setting of lakes and a meandering stream, Canjilon Lakes Campground offers excellent fishing and camping opportunities to forest visitors. Its beauty turns to splendor when fall leaves change from greens to dazzling gold and oranges.Picnic supplies, gas station, and a post office are available at Canjilon.

    Campground Amenities

    52 family camping units6 Picnic units for day useToiletsFire GrillNo Drinking WaterTrailers limited to less than 22' in length.14 day length of stay limit;Pay CampgroundOpens end of May to September.

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    Q: When will the lakes reopen? -Guest

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    Reviews of Canjilon Lakes Campground

    Reviewed by Guest on July 23, 2010

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    Beautiful campgrounds that have been absolutely destroyed by Tent Caterpillars. Hundreds of thousands all over the campgrounds and lakes. Same that nothing can be done about the devastation.
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    Canjilon Lakes Campground 2.00 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.

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