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Full hook up RV Resort and tent camping on mile of Wild and Scenic designated Beaver Creek. Olympic size pool, carpeted clubhouse, cabin rentals, forested privacy with large sites and hiking and biking trails, tournament grade bocce court, basketball, horseshoes, pavilion rentals, birthday party, retreats, picnics, family reunions, fishing, open year-round, pets
Contact: Private (Campground Website)
Posted by: wwjdkba on May 13, 2008
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    Campground Activities

    Mountaineer Racetrack and Casino, museums, shopping, fruit farms, Rogers Flea Market

    Campground Amenities

    Retreat planning, picnics, family reunions, parties--everythign related to camping

    Reservation info

    www.ohiorvcamp.com or call 1-330-424-9197

    Camping Fees

    varies with number of campers, type of camping unit and season--open year round

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    Reviews of Lock 30 Woodlands Rv Resort

    Reviewed by PSRujak on August 27, 2012

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    We stayed here for three nights August 9-11, 2012. We wanted to be close to the Rogers flea market and the Shaker Woods Festival. We found the campground to be clean. The pool was nice even though we did not swim. The folks that run the campground we friendly and very helpful. When they drove by there was always a friendly wave.

    It rained most of the weekend so we only had a campfire one night. I brought my own fire wood that was not tree cut firewood. They sell firewood there that is pine from the property. It is $20.00 for about a 3' x 3' box on the back of the golf cart. We had a site that was concrete so there was no problems with mud. On Saturday they did a pancake breakfast. We did not attend because we went to the Shaker Woods Festival. They have a lake that is great for the kids to fish in. The lake is catch-and-release. Bring your own bait. It is down over the hill so the walk back up for us was a climb. Don't bring you Direct tv dish because the pine trees are so thick it won't work. We were able to get two channels with the roof antenna. At least we got the news.

    Overall this is a friendly, clean and quite campground. Being it is only thirty miles from us we put it on the list for future weekends.

    We will be back and we recommend you to give them a try. The guy that gave them a bad rap sounds like he is not happy where ever he camps.
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    Reviewed by His Sweetheart on September 15, 2011

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    Camp here with my 2 teenage boys! It is so nice to get away from the cell phones, video games and everything else that "connects" us and enjoy nature at its finest! So peaceful, I love the layout of the park. Everything is always spotless and the staff is friendly and always willing to help!
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    Reviewed by Yetiman67 on September 8, 2011

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    My family, which includes two children under the age of 8 and very close friends with their children have been coming to Lock 30 for the past 3 years. We have been back this year on four different occasions! We truly love this place as well as the people that work there!
    It's a beautiful place with plenty to do. The sites are spacious with plenty of trees. Every time we discuss camping somewhere else for a change of scenery, we always decide to stick to something that we all love and that would be Lock 30. I have sent other friends to this place. They all have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and said they would return. Thanks Lock 30 for a lifetime of great memories!
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    Reviewed by haley1 on July 12, 2011

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    My husband & I camped at Lock 30 over the 4th of July weekend. This was our fifth time there. We love this campground! They have everything you want to have a great time!
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    Reviewed by Lin on July 10, 2011

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    It is obvious the owner and her lackeys are the only ones planting these bogus good reviews because this place is terrible!
    We were VERY disappointed with this trip. This was only time we actually broke camp and left for home a day early as not to spend another night at this place. The owner goes out of her way NOT to make you feel welcome on her property. She can often be spotted speeding around on her golf cart reprimanding campers. My family of four including two children under eight have stayed in many campgrounds in many states. Though the campground is pretty and sites are roomy, the unwelcome feeling surpasses the serine surroundings. The owner will use the Ohio Law regulating the transfer of firewood from county to county to price gouge her visitors. She charges inflated amounts for her small portion of firewood. We purchased 3 times the firewood for half the price from the convenient store across the street from the campground.(This firewood is harvested from the abutting lot to the campground) The owner chased us on her golf cart, demanded we leave our firewood out of her park and threaten to fine us $4,000. She deliberately misinterprets the law in order to force captive customers to buy firewood only from her. The experience made for the worst trip ever. If you don't mind constant harassment and a facility that feels more like a police-state than a vacation you may enjoy the tall trees.
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    Response by CampHostess on August 11, 2011

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    I am the manager of Lock 30 Woodlands. It is our policy to not engage in forums such as these, however readers deserve to know the facts. To correct the misstatements, ((i.e that Lock 30 was fined $4000 etc.) readers should check directly with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, where records are public. As for the owner and her "lackeys" posting false reviews, it's not necessary: ratings from Trailer Life, Woodalls and virtually every independent rating system the industry offers, places Lock 30 among the highest rated in the country. Our limited time is spent maintaining those ratings through service to our campers.
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    Response by Jeff Barber on August 2, 2011

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    While Tripleblaze.com encourages open and honest feedback, please limit comments to things observed during the campground visit.
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    Response by there on July 27, 2011

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    There are indeed consequences at Lock 30 Woodlands when guests are asked to leave or when they break the posted rules they have agreed to comply with at the reservation and registration stage. Lin's review is one of them. Incidentally, all firewood is harvested on the 68 acre property that gives Lock 30 Woodlands its name.
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    Reviewed by there on July 1, 2011

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    Shady, huge tent and RV sites on riverfront, spotless bathrooms. Cool staff. Dog friendly. Bargain for what you get, including the firewood. Harvested on site, it's half the price they sell it for at Walmart--only twice as much wood. Hope the bitchers stay away. More room for me...
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    Response by Lin on July 10, 2011

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    Interesting. The comparison to wal-mart prices in this last review, was the exact description given to me when I called the office to make our reservation. The owner will offer to have your firewood on site when you arrive and will make a comparison to wal-mart. You will be surprised you just purchased $20 in kindling, when you arrive. This will come after she has described the amount as a create. The County Department of Units and Measurements needs to pay her a visit. We are actually concerned with wood boring insects and would never deliberately contaminate a county not under quarantine. The owner admits she was once fined the $4,000 proving she is not concerned with the pristine environment and bends the language of the law to make herself a buck. Beware, you can spot her reviews of her own company; they sound like reworded versions of her brochure. And describing paying customers as "bitching" sounds exactly like her. Her behavoir and management is low rent, rude and crass. Don't be fooled by these positive reviews!
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    Reviewed by Guest on October 25, 2010

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    Nice place for RV's, but my family prefers to tent camp. They said they have rustic camping. We pitched a tent in an open grassy area. There prices are high. I have never paid so much to pitch a tent. They overcharge for firewood because of the emerald ash bug. I know it is a concern but don't rape me on the cost of wood that they bought down the road. The owner also lives in Colorado and does not have a staff that communicated very well. Bottom line: Overpriced, nice bathrooms, well taken care of, and definitely for the RV people.
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    Reviewed by Guest on September 14, 2010

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    I stayed here over Labor Day weekend, frankly not because it was my choice but because it was my group's choice. I didn't know what to expect because the range of comments about this site are so drastically different. Long story short, the whole group has already booked for next year. It was that impressive. We found lots to do, and the RV sites were level, spacious and - yes -- affordable. Not sure what the price complaints are all about. If this place was anywhere else but rural Ohio, the cost would easily maybe 30% or 40% more. My only complaint is that my GPS took me out of the way, along a winding back road that was tough to maneuver through. But the helpful staff advised me to trust the driving directions on the website. In fact, trust the whole website for an accurate picture of what you'll get.
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    Reviewed by Guest on May 23, 2010

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    We love this campground! We are primarily national forest campers because we like the peace and quiet and don't need all the comforts of "home". That being said - Lock 30 combines the best of home comforts (electricity, showers and flush toilets) along with a truly family oriented atmosphere. Yes, Holidays weekends are full and busy, but never seem like a frat party - works great for us with a 13 year old and dog! We mostly try to go at the beginning or end of high season. The owners/management have always been gracious and accomodating and I can't help but think the folks who posted bad reviews might be better off at Austin Lakes or Clay's Park. If YOU don't need the golf carts, activities 24/7 and are looking to actually spend quality times with your kids, minus the X-Box and TV, then Lock 30 is your cup of tea!
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    Reviewed by Guest on May 11, 2010

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    Way overpriced. A lot different from the website. I feel they stole my money. Electricity charge was outrageous. If you pay and don't stay, you will not get a refund. The owners are obviously not campers. They seem money hungry to me. The way they make their living is stealing from customers. I do not recommend this place.
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