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We are 50 acres of cabins and camping located in the PA Wilds, a beautiful mountain setting. We offer campsites, and cabins. We have a full service restaurant and lounge on site, a store and ice cream parlor featuring Perry's ice cream.
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Posted by: happy1 on March 7, 2007
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    Campground Activities

    hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, 9 hole mini frisbee golf course, carpet pool

    Campground Amenities

    laundry, heated bath house, swimming pool, playground, horseshoes

    Reservation info

    Camping requires 1/2 down to reserve. cancellations must be made 2 weeks in advance. Cabins require 1/2 down and balance due 30 days prior to reservation.

    Camping Fees

    $30 water/elec; $25/primitive; $40/full hookup

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    Reviews of Happy Acres Resort

    Reviewed by Guest on June 1, 2010

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    Terrible!!!! Dont camp here if you want your children around pot smokers....we reported this to the managers and she said they had other complints and they were going to be ask to leave....5 hours later, these people were still there!!!! Couldnt believe it. Sites are not level. They dont even have gravel on the sites. We were next to a huge pile of rocks with a snake. If you are elderly and have a hard time walking this is not the place for you. The electrical hookups were behind the site wayyyy down over a rocky bank. Showers were dirty and one quarter gets you a 3 minute shower (yes you have to pay for a shower after paying 40 per night to stay there) We didnt get the site we had initally reserved and we were stuck at the entrance of the campground where all the traffic was in and out. ( We have no idea why the site was changed, and was not given any notice of this) We stayed on Memorial Day weekend and they had no fireworks or activies for the children. Quiet time was to begin at 10 and there were people VERY loud and cursing above us across 2 roads that we could hear until 12 or after, and managers never even went up there to talk to them. If you want firewood, better bring your FULL wallet...one small plastic bin was $15. Lasted us about 1 hour. They have renovated the campground, but the shower areas were the same as when I camped there 30 yrs ago. That should be one of the first things that should have been done. The Managers house is a beautiful log home...wonder how they would like to shower in there. Will not be going back here to camp. Wish I knew the name of the owner to forward this letter to him!!
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    Reviewed by Guest on April 20, 2010

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    Happy Acres Resort is a beautiful resort known for its mountain beauty. No it is not for the big rigs as it was built back in the 60's and 70's when rigs were smaller. To the owners I say great job in fixing up the problems they encountered when they bought this place 5 years ago. It sat empty for 7 years as no one wanted to tackle all the issues that came with the place. One of those issues is the fact that it was known as a party campground and unruly people were the norm. Now they have worked hard to make sure people are respectful of others when they stay there. And it is written in the rules about the "quiet time" and everyone is given a set of rules when they check in. For those who have written a bad review I say there is always 2 sides to a story and having run a campground in the past I do know how hard it is for owners and managers to stay on top of things. I found everyone to be very helpful and kind. My children loved the pool and the playground. It was quiet and though I know there is always room to imporve I applaud the owners on a job well done with a property that was in dire need of LOTS of repairs. I will continue to camp there with my family and friends. Teh restuarant and ice cream store was fantastic!
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    Reviewed by Guest on September 18, 2009

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    This campground should state that it is for tents, pop-ups, and SMALL trailers and motorhomes. We had a great deal of difficulty with our high-profile unit this week. The staff on duty the day we arrived (9/16) clearly did not understand anything about larger RVs, as we were assigned a spot at the end of a narrow lane that was too tight to turn the corner on and we damaged our rig. At the site, it was 40 feet to the electrical outlet, which was only 15 amp! Also, one of the management pair asked my husband if we had holding tanks on our RV! (We have a 4 year old Class A unit). To their credit, they allowed us to go to another site,but it was so uneven that our levelers would not function properly and the sewer connection was angled wrong so that our tanks would not drain when we tried to dump them. We had to use the dump station BUT a high wall had been constructed around it on 3 sides, and a high edge at the front of it. I'm sure the owners meant well, and that they thought this would control splashing, but all it did was make dumping more difficult as it was hard to get in the right spot to open the door on the RV to get to the hoses. At $30 per night for W-E and $40 W-E-S (!) these are very high fees for sites that are terribly uneven and off roads that are very very steep and gravel (not paved). We wonder if this place would rather not deal with campers. They do have quite a few "permanent/seasonal" sites;some of them are fairly large but it is worth going through the difficulties of getting one's rig placed if it is going to stay put for a long time. Several hundred feet up the road to this place is the state park, with level sites that are a lot bigger, (electric only, but 30 and 50 amp)and we so wish we had gone there instead. We wonder if the owners' main interest in Happy Acres is in the cabins, which looked to mostly new and/or remodeled. The playground for the kids is nicer than average, as is the new swimming pool, and there is a restaurant that seemed to be pretty nice though we did not eat there.
    In 25 years of RVing, this was probably one of the least satisfying experiences we have had.
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    Reviewed by Guest on July 31, 2009

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    I rated a 1 star because it wouldn't let me go any lower. The tent sites were the worst sites I've ever seen. No grass all rocks and dirt, and the size of a stamp. The electrical outlets were down hill, and when it got dark good luck not falling. The on-site manager Gene threatened to kick my friends and our children out if we made a "peep" after quiet time. He said " I don't care if you got kids or not your out!" No one informed us of a quiet time untill after quiet time. Had a yearly camper shine a spot light in our faces, and when we told the manager about it he said" Yeah we get complaints about him all the time". Another camp site lost there dog and were up all night looking for it with flash lights and yelling its name. Once again nothing was said to them. With all of this being done we were the only site to get threatened to leave. The manager was so rude, he upset the children. Over heard him and I'm assuming some of the yearly campers say" Well there from Williamsport, ya know". Funny thing is our friends who rented the site were from Williamsport, the rest from outta state, for a surprise birthday party. I will never ever go back there, and never tell anyone to go there. Two thumbs down, worst camp ground ever, rude workers and felt like we were being judged by where we lived.
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    Reviewed by mtlover on October 8, 2008

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    We are VERY Happy Campers wanting the owners to name this Extremely Happy Acres Resort!!! We had a great week last summer here and would recommend it to anyone. Our family rented one of the Hillside cabins and it was clean and comfortable!! The setting was private and quiet. The pool was fantastic and our kids enjoyed seeing all the wildlife we saw around the area. The owners have worked hard to fix up this place as we know what it used to be like and they deserve high compliments for all they've accomplished. This area is for nature lovers and those that want to hike, bike and see stuff like bear, deer and eagles!! Campfires at night, ice cream at the restaurant, We can't wait to go back next year and already booked!!!
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    Reviewed by Cosmo on September 8, 2008

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    Not a happy camper! My fiance and I stayed in one of Happy Acres' cabins for a night. Compared to the high cost of the cabin ($150 / night), the ammenities were nothing to brag about. No bed sheets, no towels, etc. More importantly though, any one cabin is shared between two vacationing parties, who are separated only by a wall. This means that you have no privacy and you are left with sharing your stay. In our case, our neighbors were a loud and nosy family with a dog - upon our arrival in the evening, the dog shared his negative views with our presence. In the morning, he continued his rampage along with its owners. For some reasons, the party next door found it necessary to peak into our windows, which is fairly easy given that the walking path leads right along the bedroom! The staff wasn't terribly accommodating given the circumstances. My guess is that they had originally planned on isolating the family with the dog by leaving the second half of the cabin empty. Apparently they all knew each other very well. Their response to our malaise: "We had nothing else available. It's your fault for making your reservation so late." So what, if we had made the reservation one month in advance and there were no availabilities at that time you would have accommodated us differently? My fiance and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in upstate New York a few weeks later for $110 a night, and WOW, what a difference. Beautiful cabin, includes bed sheets and towels, beautiful and quiet neighborhood, home-made breakfast in the morning prepared by the owners, etc. Happy acres with its high price can at best be described as a scrapyard in comparison.
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