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This park serves as a Virginia Beach Tourism satellite location and has new displays, three indoor aquariums, restrooms, showers and offers water sports rentals. It's Virginia's most popular state park attracting more than a million visitors annually.
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Posted by: Jeff Barber on December 15, 2005
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    Camping, cabins, picnicking, boating, nature programs, fishing, hiking, bay swimming

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    Bathhouse with hot showers, electric and water hookups, dump station, campstore, boat rentals, bike rentals, hiking trails

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    Reviews of First Landing State Park

    Reviewed by Ringworm on November 3, 2014

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    I like the trails and the staff is awesome.
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    Reviewed by EP13 on June 6, 2011

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    Tent camped here May 22-25 and can recommend site #23 in Loop B. I completely agree with both of the previous reviewers!! The site was huge, private and had a back trail leading out of the site and up to the bathrooms. Granted we were there just before the Memorial Day rush, the place was virtually empty. In the entire B loop there was only 1 other site taken.

    I have two 4 year olds and it was impossible to remove them from the beach! The water was surprisingly warm already. If you are used to clean & patrolled beaches, this one wasn't. I had to repeatedly tell the kids, "No, don't touch that....don't step on that trash, etc..." And definitely take care of your "business" before you hit the beach as it is a lengthy walk back to the bathrooms!

    As for the bathrooms, perhaps they had read the prior review about cleanliness because 3 mornings in a row there was a nice gal in there scrubbing away! Of course there were your typical bugs/spiders/moths, but to be expected when camping. As for the showers, they were definitely hot & very spacious - I had both my children in there with me and had enough room. However, the water pressure is overkill. It could take the paint off the walls! You don't want to put your face in direct flow unless you need dermabrasion! They should attach some kind of water conservation device to slow the flow.

    And I also agree with the reviewer who commented on the lack of Rangers and lack of tornado warnings. Before our trip there, we read both reviews & didn't really give the negative comments much thought. OUR MISTAKE! BUY A WEATHER RADIO before coming here! And introduce yourself to the wonderful camp host & hostess! They saved us BIG TIME! Let me explain, having just returned from a drive around town, the guys & gals checking your ID as you drive in gave an upbeat wave & thumbs us as we drove past their ID check. Then as we pulled into the site the camp hosts drove up in their golf cart to warn us of a tornado warning effective from that minute (4pm) to 8pm in the evening with winds predicted to be up to 65 mph! I hadn't even turned my vehicle off when they were telling us we jumped into immediate action taking the wet clothes off the line, tossing our camp chairs, etc into the back of the truck. Within 2 minutes of their warning, the screen house was taking flight!! I felt like I had a kite by the tail, but was able to collapse it and the poles (barely), throw them in and dive into truck!!! We were soaked within 10 minutes of the warning! Here's where we give kudos to this site! Facing #23, set up your tent to the left. You'll be tucked in next to the dune and it could very well SAVE YOUR TENT! Hats off to North Face too! A good tent and rainfly are priceless! So, the winds were clocked at 75mph, trees were down everywhere, power to most VA Beach residents was knocked out for hours & two trucks were blown over on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge!! Think we would have gotten a warning from a Ranger? NAH! Guess they were too busy running for cover! Thank goodness for those hosts who lost their own screen house so they could warn others. And some campers I met the next day never even got a warning. Lots of upset campers, for sure! The frustrating part of this story is an hour later we went to leave the park again and I made a comment about that horrific storm and wondered aloud "Gosh, think we'll get hit again?!" When the dope who earlier waved us in shifted his computer screen so we could see the storm had moved out to sea! WHAT AN IDIOT! He knew the storm was on it's way, he had an NOAA Weather monitor AND NEVER said anything when they gave us a little wave!!

    Bottom line, if the people in the little shed had more of a clue and interest in helping the campers out, I would have given this camp ground 5 stars!
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    Reviewed by Guest on August 2, 2010

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    It's a beautiful park. don't get me wrong but improvements are a must! The good points are the size of the sites, and how clean the surroundings are. Land scaping is a tad bit over done though.

    Bath houses! There are totally not enough of these and they are disgustingI only noticed them being cleaned every two days during the week. Weekends of course were more often. The showers smelled horrible and well you can use all the soap you want you left with that dirty gritty feeling. On the upper beach towards the mouth, you literally have to hike off the beach and deeply into the park to use a rest room. It's a long walk for those that have little ones that have to pee. It's little over the bridge and through the woods!

    Safety! They just don't care about this. No rangers are present driving through the camp grounds are varuious times but during the morning and early afternoon hours. I been to many state parks and the best states parks with literally less than half the staff as First Landing have rangers active at all times during the day.

    During our stay in the park we had a tornado watch and yes, on the bay we did get a spout. we were never warnered of these. Again, smaller parks with like five people on staff can give warnings. I do not understand why this one can't.

    There are no saftey lights in the bathrooms for power outages, as the storm helped us find out. This is completely unsafe. State Parks typically don't do background checks, you don't know who is going to be walking in camp grounds where your main popluation is women and childern.

    Again with the lack of Ranger activity there were a lot of drinking and dangerous fishing on the beach with the out of state people. One family took live bait in a cooler where childern were playing in the calm waters. It's still the mouth of bay, thers are still things with pointy teeth out there. Of course, thius would have been stopped cold if there was a ranger who checked out the beaches every once and awhile.

    There is a lot of stagnant water around as well. So bring your off and tons of it.
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    Reviewed by Guest on March 22, 2009

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    We stayed for two nights (Mar 20-22) so we had free reign of any site we wanted. We chose G-31. It was set off by itself. There are really two rows of sites: one row that allows full view and sound of the traffic along Shore Ave, or a row between two sets of sand dunes. We chose the one closer to Shore Ave because the wind was relentless.

    Site: The site's are huge! There's enough room for a tent, tarp, kitchen setup, and fire pit area. There are some low lying areas that allow for water collection and provide a swamp like setup. I would be more careful when summer rolls around and the mosquitoes become more curious.

    Bathrooms: The bathrooms are very clean and offer super hot showers. It's one building, mens bathrooms on one side, women on the other. Showers are in the middle and provide a pretty sturdy lock. Each one has bench inside and several hooks to hang your accessories on. The showers are big enough for two in the event that it's necessary to conserve water...

    Camp store: The lady who was in the shop both times was really nice to us. She just chatted about everything. Firewood is $5 a bundle (about 6 pieces of wood) and they too have all the necessities you'll need for a fun time.

    Beach access: If you're standing at your site looking at the water, off to your right is Fort Henry (military base) and you can only go so far along the beach that way. Off to the left is a lot of open beach (about 30 minutes of run time before you hit businesses).

    Location: The location to anything you'll need is exceptional! There's a Bloom grocery store (Food Lion subsidiary) about a mile from the entrance to the park. Library a few more miles away for internet; attractions down VA beach are not far at all.

    All in all, we had a really good time! I'm sure it would be better later in the spring or other warmer seasons but along with weather comes nice crowds and less shower time!
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