Jacks River Falls

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A beautiful waterfall with a moderate hike. A lot of wildlife to be seen here. You can swim in the deep pool of water at the bottom of the falls. There is also GREAT camping here!! (That's free I might add!)
Trail length: 4 miles
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  • Posted by Virgo Fabulous on July 27, 2009


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    Q: One you reach the sign that says Penitary trail how to you get to the falls from that spot?? -Maureen Copeland

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    Reviews of Jacks River Falls

    Reviewed by Maureen Copeland on August 21, 2016

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    My husband and I went to Jack River Falls via the Pennitary branch trail. When you reach the Jack river you will keep walking until you cross another creek. Keep walking until you reach Rough Ridge Trail it will be on the left and you have to climb up the embankment. Travel on the trail for a bit then take a right onto the next trail. Watch carefully because the trail has a fallen tree over it. This trail slopes down then upward climb then down until it curves around back towards the river. That's the switchback! Then you will cross another river and keep walking until the path narrows down to rocky path. When you reach the falls you have to climb down or over the rocks to swim the upper or lower falls. The trail is difficult but well worth it when you jump in to that cool water!
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    Reviewed by Maureen Copeland on August 6, 2016

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    My Husband and I did the Loop starting at the Dally Gap. This trail is longer but very beautiful we saw 3 bears while hiking the loop. We wanted to get to the Jacks river falls but when we got to the sign that said Pennitary Branch we followed it downstream cross the river and came to a dead end. We saw a trail to the left that went up high you have to climb up and over to get back on the trail we followed the trail it came to a dead end we could not find the fall so we are going back to try and find it again. I wish the trails where better marked. We went back the Pennitary Branch this is very difficult because you are climbing 4 and a half miles strait up then you come to a branch you have to stay right after that it was about a half mile to the Dally Gap parking lot. It took us from 8:30am till 11:20pm to finish the Loop. You have to be careful out there because the trails are not well marked and sometimes covered with logs or fallen trees you have to climb over. If you are looking for a challenge then do the loop but be careful and remember to take purifying pills or filter because you can't haul in water you must drink from the river. If you are going to do it in one day don't overload your backpack! it just weights you down on the way back. The loop is not for young children to far and difficult when crossing slippery rivers. If you are older you really need to be in good shape I am 57 and my husband is 62 but are in good heath. You will cross 22 streams! Happy Hiking!
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    Reviewed by Hiker8877665 on October 17, 2012

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    My new favorite camping spot! The falls are gorgeous and as is the hike. The hike is relatively flat and wide (there are horses that go on this trail), which makes the hike easy. It's about 4 miles, which took us 1.5 hours. We camped by the creek before the falls. Overall, a very pretty area and enjoyable hike to get there too.
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    Reviewed by Karana on July 29, 2012

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    NOTE!!! The hiking distance to get from Beech Bottom trailhead to the falls is 4 miles. We are avid hikers, all in our 20s and 30s, and non-stop it took us 1 1/4 hours. Also, plan to give yourself plenty of time for driving. Once you leave the pavement it gets pretty rough in spots. (My Honda Civic made it but it was a bumpy ride.) From the Perimeter Mall area, it was a drive time of 3 hours one way. All of that said, totally worth the effort!
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    Reviewed by Virgo Fabulous on July 27, 2009

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    This is in the Cohutta Wilderness so remember to bring a bear deterrent pepper spray! A good hike!
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    Response by markcv on May 31, 2012

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    Note that there is a closure area in effect in the Beech Bottom / Jack's River Falls area. Here is information from the USFS website: "Beech bottom/Jacks River Falls have become heavily impacted due to over camping and daytime alcohol use. Negative effects in addition to diminishing of the Wilderness experience include large amounts of trash and significant loss of natural vegetation. Unfortunately at this time, there is a total ban on campfires and alcohol from this area and restricted camping to six designated sites between November 1 and March 31; no camping is permitted between April 1 and October 31".

    Closure are begins at the intersection of Beech Bottom Trail and Beech Creek; extends southward to the intersection of the Jack's River and Hickory Ridge Crossing; and then down river to the first crossing below Jack's River Falls - Rice Camp crossing.
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    Jacks River Falls 4.83 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.

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