Panther Creek Falls

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7 Miles round trip to the falls. Don't be deceived by the entrance into a pine forest it get's hard real hard. There is an 8 mile one way to the dam that is an all day hike putting you at 16 miles.
Trail length: 7 miles
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  • Posted by Melissa Peacock on January 8, 2012


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    Reviews of Panther Creek Falls

    Reviewed by Hiker8877665 on October 17, 2012

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    Extremely strenous hike to the falls. The falls were nice, as was the sandy beach area below them. Not too many camping spots, but most people that were there when I was were day hikers and not camping, so we didn't have that much trouble finding a spot. Great spot on top of the rocks at the top of the falls to picnic and people watch everyone swimming/playing in the falls below. Overall a good camping place, but be warned about the hike--it's definately the hardest I've ever done in Georgia.
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    Reviewed by Melissa Peacock on January 8, 2012

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    Tree roots will become your best friend on this hike. The initial hike is very deceiving to the challenges ahead. At points of the hike I had to hoist myself up with tree vines. There were cliffs with no barriers. If it rains don't do this trail you won't be able to navigate the cliffs if they are muddy there is no room to climb up or down. It gets pretty steep and dangerous towards the actual falls. There was a beach, it was extremely difficult to climb down to the beach. I felt this was an extremely hard trail from 2 miles into it very challenging with the roots. I loved hiking this because it was not boring and you had to pay attention to where you stepped. Plus I was attentive to the photography shots I was trying to get at the same time. Well worth your while but be prepared, I am exhausted.
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    Panther Creek Falls 4.50 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.

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