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A big state forest (25,600 acres) with plenty to offer hikers, canoers, backpackers and spelunkers. One of the prettiest areas of southern Indiana, heavily wooded, and with limestone outcroppings, ridges and knobs. Includes the 30-mile Adventure Trail, designed for backpackers with regularly placed shelters or campgrounds and several pick-up/drop-off points. The Adventure Trail spends a good part of its length overlooking either the Blue River (a great canoeing stream) or the Ohio River; it\'s a nice hike. There are also several other shorter trails, some fairly rugged. These aren\'t mountains, but the flatlands of northern Indiana are a long way away. There are several regular canoe runs of various lengths along the Blue River, starting well north of the forest and ending in the Ohio. The Blue is a very pretty creek, not much in the way of heart-stopping excitement but not totally boring either; it has a few riffles and the scenery is outstanding. The forest includes the Post Oak Nature Preserve and the Leavenworth Barrens Nature Preserve. This place is worth an extended visit.

Trail length: 30 miles
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  • Posted by rtate on April 17, 2006


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    Reviews of Adventure Trail

    Reviewed by mrpaul on September 17, 2019

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    This is my second t try at this 25 mile loop in southern Indiana. It is at the Harrison Crawford State forest and the O'Bannon Woods state park. near Corydon, IN. My first it was July near 100 degrees. There was some blow down between 446 and old forest road. This time I started at the 446 parking area, I quickly ran into the same blow down. Granted The forest office said everything was good before I left. I did get around it but it took a while with some bush whacking. I got to old forest road in an hour I hikes 2 miles. I had water stashed there and took a drink and headed out 2.8 mile trek to Indian creek shelter. That trail is rocky and rugged at times. I hikes it 1 3/4 hours, I took a break and had lunch and talked to some trail volunteers and they told be about the forest road blowdown. They are going to log it so they did not want to cut a path. Iheaded out toward the primitive site. That part was alos up and down and rocky. it took an hour and a half. I wanted to get to Indian creek but with 3 hours of daylight I did not know what to expect. I pitched my tent across the trail from the shelter and called it a day. I was up early the next day and hiked the 2.5 miles to the homestead shelter in under two hours. That part was not as bad as the day before but there where a lot of places that where tough like the day before blowdowns and crawling under trees to get through. I rested at the the Homestead site and headed toward cold Friday Road in less that 40 minutes. I ran into some more volunteers cutting brush for a mountain bike club just before I got to the road. I filled up on the water I stashed and headed out to the Ohio shelter 2.8 miles. This from what I was told was the hardest part of the entire trail. There the a part called the saddles and it lived up to its name, It was very difficult at times. The trail was unkeop and there where trees that have been down a while by 1oo foot cliffs and you had to crawl on your hands an knees with a full pack on. then the ups and downs. I stopped midway through for a while to rest. There where spots it was hard to find the trail the blazes where gone or nothing was on any trees. I made it to the Ohio in 3 hours. Sadly the trees in bloom blocked most of the view. I pitched my tent and called it a day. The area at the Ohio had been logged and is due to close again this fall for more. As a result the area is overgrown in weeds. I went through the 6 foot tall stuff to get to the pioneer shelter. It is about 45 min hike. I rested and again filled up on water. I cleaned of all burs from the tall brush and headed out. I was going to go to the campground and get more water and clean up. I somehow missed that turn off. I ended up at the iron bright about hour and a half after the picnic shelter. Part that trail is fairly easy you follow a horse trial on parts the other is very rugged with steep descents and again on your hands an knees for trees. The last half mile before the iron bridge is horse trail or gravel road. I rested at the bridge but to get to it there where weeds and more burs. I was verrry disappointed that the trail went through heavey weeds and was unkept. There was no views of the river. Again the weeks covered the blazes and the trail just e was covered in burs and tired out my the heat had clear a path with my hiking poles.. There is a horse trail that runs along side I crossed to it and cut back. A hiker I was the night before warned me. I was trying to get to the hog pen camping area but I was told it was weedy. .Since that was the only part I had not done and the fact it was not fun any longer I took a short cut on the horse trail to camp ground washed up hiked out another trail to the front gate a short distance from my car. I would close by saying I think the DNR got a C plus. The trail upkeep was poor and had to find at times. They should put up posts on the web page or on trail heads about any problems and how to get around. I get it is the adventure trail and it has to be challenging and it is. I believe that huge trees by a cliff could get somebody hurt. Also plan ahead there is no and I mean No places to find water. At some times there is on right after highway 446. and another by the homestead shelter. They where all bone dry this the third. week of September. And trying to get down to the water at the blue river is risky. I would stash more than you think you will need at all the road crossings and pioneer shelter and you should be ok if you do not do this you will be in a world of hurt.
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