Continental Divide Trail

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Continental Divide Trail Sections

CDT CO01: New Mexico Border to Blue Lake APAntonito, Colorado
CDT CO02: Blue Lake AP to Elwood Pass TrailheadPagosa Springs, Colorado
CDT CO03: Elwood Pass to Wolf Creek PassPagosa Springs, Colorado
CDT CO04: Wolf Creek Pass to South River PeakPagosa Springs, Colorado
CDT CO05: South River Peak to Squaw PassDel Norte, Colorado
CDT CO06: Squaw Pass to Weminuche PassDel Norte, Colorado
CDT CO07: Weminuche Pass to Twin LakesDel Norte, Colorado
CDT CO08: Twin Lakes to Beartown TrailheadDel Norte, Colorado
CDT CO09: Beartown Trailhead to Stony Pass TrailheadSilverton, Colorado
CDT CO10: Stony Pass Trailhead to Carson Saddle TrailheadSilverton, Colorado
CDT CO11: Carson Saddle Trailhead to Spring Creek Pass TrailheadCreede, Colorado
CDT CO12: Spring Creek Pass Trailhead to San Luis PassCreede, Colorado
CDT CO13: San Luis Pass to Eddiesville TrailheadCreede, Colorado
CDT CO14: Eddiesville Trailhead to Saguache Park RoadGunnison, Colorado
CDT CO15: Saguache Park Road to CO Hwy 114 TrailheadGunnison, Colorado
CDT CO16: CO Hwy 114 to Sargents MesaGunnison, Colorado
CDT CO17: Sargents Mesa to Marshall PassGunnison, Colorado
CDT CO18: Marshall Pass to Monarch Pass (Monarch Crest Trail)Salida, Colorado
CDT CO19: Monarch Pass to Hancock TrailheadSalida, Colorado
CDT CO20: Hancock to Garden BasinSalida, Colorado
CDT CO21: Garden Basin to Cottonwood Pass RoadAlmont, Colorado
CDT CO22: Cottonwood Pass Road to South Clear CreekAlmont, Colorado
CDT CO23: South Clear Creek to Halfmoon CreekBuena Vista, Colorado
CDT CO24: Halfmoon Creek to Timberline LakeLeadville, Colorado
CDT CO25: Timberline Lake to Tennessee PassLeadville, Colorado
CDT CO26: Tennessee Pass to Copper MountainLeadville, Colorado
CDT CO27: Copper Mountain to Gold HillFrisco, Colorado
CDT CO28: Gold Hill to Georgia PassBreckenridge, Colorado
CDT CO29: Georgia Pass to Argentine PassBreckenridge, Colorado
CDT CO30: Argentine Pass to Herman GulchDillon, Colorado
CDT CO31: Herman Gulch to Berthoud PassDillon, Colorado
CDT CO32: Berthoud Pass to Rainbow RoadWinter Park, Colorado
CDT CO33: Rainbow Road to Rollins PassIdaho Springs, Colorado
CDT CO34: Rollins Pass to Monarch LakeNederland, Colorado
CDT CO35: Monarch Lake to Grand LakeGranby, Colorado
CDT CO36: Grand Lake to Bowen GulchGrand Lake, Colorado
CDT CO37: Bowen Gulch to Willow Creek PassGrand Lake, Colorado
CDT CO38: Willow Creek Pass to Troublesome PassRand, Colorado
CDT CO39: Troublesome Pass to FR104Kremmling, Colorado
CDT CO40: FR104 to Rabbit Ears PassKremmling, Colorado
CDT CO41: Rabbit Ears Pass to Buffalo PassSteamboat Springs, Colorado
CDT CO42: Buffalo Pass to North LakeSteamboat Springs, Colorado
CDT CO43: North Lake to Wyoming BorderWalden, Colorado
CDT ID01: Wyoming Border to Targhee Pass and US Hwy 20Yellowstone National Park, Idaho
CDT ID02: Targhee Pass and US Hwy 20 to Red Rock Pass RoadHenry's Lake, Idaho
CDT ID03: Red Rock Pass Road to Ching Moose Road TrailheadIsland Park, Idaho
CDT ID04: Ching Moose Road Trailhead to Interstate 15St Anthony, Idaho
CDT ID05: Interstate 15 to NF-192Spencer, Idaho
CDT ID06: NF-192 to Morrison LakeDubois, Idaho
CDT ID07: Morrison Lake to Bannock PassDell, Idaho
CDT ID08: Bannock Pass to Lemhi PassLeadore, Idaho
CDT ID09: Lemhi Pass to Goldstone Lake RoadDillon, Idaho
CDT ID10: Goldstone Lake Road to Miner Lake RoadDillon, Idaho
CDT ID11: Miner Lake Road (Montana) to Gibbonsville RoadWisdom, Montana
CDT ID12: Gibbonsville Road to Chief Joseph Trailhead and MT Hwy 43Gibbonsville, Idaho
CDT MT01: Chief Joseph Trailhead and Hwy 43 to Schultz Saddle and NF-1203Sula, Montana
CDT MT02: Schultz Saddle and NF-1203 to Johnson LakeSula, Montana
CDT MT03: Johnson Lake to Seymour Campground TrailheadAnaconda, Montana
CDT MT04: Seymour Campground Trailhead to I-15Wise River, Montana
CDT MT05: I-15 to I-90Butte, Montana
CDT MT06: I-90 to I-15Butte, Montana
CDT MT07: I-15 to Unnamed Forest RoadButte, Montana
CDT MT08: Unnamed Forest Road to US Hwy 12Butte, Montana
CDT MT09: US Hwy 12 to NF-136Helena, Montana
CDT MT10: NF-136 to Stemple PassCanyon Creek, Montana
CDT MT11: Stemple Pass to Rogers Pass and MT Hwy 200Lincoln, Montana
CDT MT12: Rogers Pass and MT Hwy 200 to Benchmark TrailheadLincoln, Montana
CDT MT13: Benchmark Trailhead to Badger PassAugusta, Montana
CDT MT14: Badger Pass to Marias Pass and US Hwy 2Hungry Horse, Montana
CDT MT15: Marias Pass and US Hwy 2 to East Glacier ParkEast Glacier Park, Montana
CDT MT16: East Glacier Park to Pray LakeEast Glacier Park, Montana
CDT MT17: Pray Lake to Going-to-the-Sun HwyEast Glacier Park, Montana
CDT MT18: Going-to-the-Sun Hwy to Swiftcurrent Lake and Many Glacier RoadBrowning, Montana
CDT MT19 Alt: Swiftcurrent Lake and Many Glacier Road to Chief Mountain Trailhead and MT Hwy 17Browning, Montana
CDT MT19: Swiftcurrent Lake and Many Glacier Road to Canada BorderGlacier National Park, Montana
CDT MT20: US/Canada Border to Bertha Lake TrailheadGlacier National Park, Montana
CDT NM01: Mexico Border to NM Hwy 81Hachita, New Mexico
CDT NM02: NM Hwy 81 to NM Hwy 9Hachita, New Mexico
CDT NM03: NM Hwy 9 to NM Hwy 113Hachita, New Mexico
CDT NM04: NM Hwy 113 to Hwy 494Lordsburg, New Mexico
CDT NM05: Hwy 494 to Burrow Peak trailheadLordsburg, New Mexico
CDT NM06: Burrow Peak Trailhead to Silver City (US Hwy 180)Tyrone, New Mexico
CDT NM07: Silver City (US Hwy 180) to NM Hwy 15 (Arrastra Site TH)Silver City, New Mexico
CDT NM08: NM Hwy 15 to NM Hwy 35Pinos Altos, New Mexico
CDT NM09: NM Hwy 35 to Rocky Point (FR 150)Mimbres, New Mexico
CDT NM10: Rocky Point (FR 150) to FR 226Mimbres, New Mexico
CDT NM11: FR 226 to NM Hwy 59Winston, New Mexico
CDT NM12: NM Hwy 59 to NM Hwy 163Monticello, New Mexico
CDT NM13: NM Hwy 163 to the Coyote Stock TankMonticello, New Mexico
CDT NM14: Coyote Stock Tank to FR 3070Datil, New Mexico
CDT NM15: FR 3070 to NM Hwy 12Cruzville, New Mexico
CDT NM16: NM Hwy 12 to Pie Town (US Hwy 60)Aragon, New Mexico
CDT NM17: Pie Town (US Hwy 60) to Jnc. NM Hwy 117Pie Town, New Mexico
CDT NM18: Jnc. NM Hwy 36 & 117 to NM Hwy 117Fence Lake, New Mexico
CDT NM19: NM Hwy 117 to Zuni-Acoma TH (NM Hwy 117)Grants, New Mexico
CDT NM20: NM Hwy 117 to the Mt. Taylor TrailheadGrants, New Mexico
CDT NM21: Mt. Taylor Trailhead to FR 239Grants, New Mexico
CDT NM22: FR 239 to FR 239AGrants, New Mexico
CDT NM23: FR 239A to Cerro ColoradoGrants, New Mexico
CDT NM24: Cerro Colorado to Los Pinos TrailheadCuba, New Mexico
CDT NM25: Los Pinos Trailhead to NM Hwy 96Cuba, New Mexico
CDT NM26: NM Hwy 96 to Skull Bridge TrailheadGallina, New Mexico
CDT NM27: Skull Bridge Trailhead to US Hwy 84Abiquiu, New Mexico
CDT NM28: US Hwy 84 to NM Hwy 110Abiquiu, New Mexico
CDT NM29: NM Hwy 110 to Hopewell Lake (US Hwy 64)Vallecitos, New Mexico
CDT NM30: Hopewell Lake (US Hwy 64) to Lagunitas CampgroundTres Piedras, New Mexico
CDT NM31: Lagunitas Campground to the New Mexico/Colorado State LineTres Piedras, New Mexico
CDT WY01: Colorado Border to Battle TrailheadEncampment, Wyoming
CDT WY02: Battle Trailhead to Sage Creek RoadEncampment, Wyoming
CDT WY03: Sage Creek Road to Unnamed Road JunctionRawlins, Wyoming
CDT WY04: Unnamed Road Junction to Bridger Pass RoadRawlins, Wyoming
CDT WY05: Bridger Pass Road to Hwy 287Rawlins, Wyoming
CDT WY06: Hwy 287 to Co Rd 63Rawlins, Wyoming
CDT WY07: Co Rd 63 to Co Rd 22Rawlins, Wyoming
CDT WY08: Co Rd 22 to Bison Basin RdBairoil, Wyoming
CDT WY09: Bison Basin Rd to Sweetwater RiverLander, Wyoming
CDT WY10: Sweetwater River to South Pass CityLander, Wyoming
CDT WY11: South Pass City to Sweetwater River TrailheadSouth Pass City, Wyoming
CDT WY12: Sweetwater River Trailhead to Big Sandy TrailheadLander, Wyoming
CDT WY13: Big Sandy Trailhead to North Fork LakeBoulder, Wyoming
CDT WY14: North Fork Lake to Summit LakeBoulder, Wyoming
CDT WY15: Summit Lake to Union PassCora, Wyoming
CDT WY16: Union Pass to Sheridan TrailDubois, Wyoming
CDT WY17: Sheridan Trail to Brooks LakeDubois, Wyoming
CDT WY18: Brooks Lake to North Buffalo Fork RiverDubois, Wyoming
CDT WY19: North Buffalo Fork River to Yellowstone National Park BoundaryMoran, Wyoming
CDT WY20: Yellowstone National Park Boundary to Lewis Lake and South Entrance RoadYellowstone National Park, Wyoming
CDT WY21: Lewis Lake and South Entrance Road to Old Faithful and US Hwy 20Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
CDT WY22: Old Faithful and US Hwy 20 to Idaho BorderYellowstone National Park, Wyoming
CDT-Grizzly Hill NorthLeadore, Idaho