Several months ago I noticed an ad for a pair of Sanuk shoes in Outside magazine and I was instantly drawn to find out more. Shortly thereafter I got a chance to pick up a pair of Rasta Pouch shoes at Outdoor Retailer and I’ve been rocking them hard ever since!

Right off the bat you’ll notice the distinctive floppy, handmade look to Sanuk “sidewalk surfers” like the Rasta Pouch. The uppers are made from hemp and they’re both “vegan and vegetarian” in case you’re concerned. These shoes are even more comfortable than they look – and the uppers are just the start.

Sanuk uses “Foam Pit” technology in the footbed on the Rastas and I can honestly say these are the most comfortable soles I’ve ever experienced. I wear sneakers or flip flops literally 365 days a year (one of the perks of being a “blogger”) and yes, the Rastas are like pillows for the soles of your feet. It’s hard to explain the feel of the “Foam Pit” material – it’s very soft and spongy, almost like it’s from another planet. Go to your nearest Sanuk dealer and press your fingers into the sole on this shoe – it’ll blow you away.

Now, the “Pouch” on the Rastas is also called a stash pocket because it’s hidden in the tongue area of the shoe. Truthfully you might be able to shove a few bills in there without anyone noticing but I haven’t had a chance to make use of the pouch.

The great thing about a shoe like this for a sneaker-wearer like me is these shoes easily blend into less casual environments. Case in point: I wore my Rastas to a “dressy casual” wedding dinner recently and totally got away with it. My feet were happy and I didn’t have to compromise my style one bit.

The Rastas breathe well and don’t seem to overheat, even as temperatures and humidity rise here in the southeast. And since the shoes breathe so well they really don’t have a noticeable odor even after wearing them for several months (with socks of course). The sole is fairly grippy but the tread isn’t deep so don’t expect to get a ton of miles rough in before the tread starts to fade away.

If you’re looking for some casual kicks to get you through the summer and fall, look no further than the Rasta Pouches. These shoes feature the most comfortable footbed around and distinctive styling that fits the outdoor lifestyle.

Thanks to the folks at Sanuk for providing the Rasta Pouch sidewalk surfers for review.

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  • mtbgreg1

    I am a Chaco fanatic, but this sounds like a pair of shoes I could be interested in!

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