If you’re going to be in the woods for any length of time, sooner or later nature is going to call on line 2. There’s not always a place close at hand where you can answer that call, which is where the Squatmonkey Squat Strap comes in.

Like all great ideas, the Squat Strap is simple. You wrap it around a tree, preferably somewhere out of sight, then wrap it around yourself and lean back, letting the strap support your weight. Like so:

Probably the greatest benefit of the Squat Strap is that it relocates the area where poop ends up. If you’ve ever tried to dig a cathole at the base of a tree so you can lean up against it and do work, you know that digging through roots is tough. Much easier to dig a hole a foot or two away. It also makes it easier to not poop directly onto one’s own pants, which are likely to be bunched up on top of one’s own hiking boots. Talk about a crappy end to a fun day…

To find out more about squatting, I visited my friends Lis Saunders and Tirzah White of CrossfitMidtown.com, a crossfit gym in the Midtown district of Atlanta. They squat so much they have shirts that say “I (heart) Squats” which can be bought on their web site.

I showed Lis and Tirzah the squat strap, then asked for some pointers.

They said for a proper squat, I should keep my feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly out, and make sure to keep my back straight. I tried it a few times and got so convinced I had it right that I challenged Lis and Tirzah to a squat-off. I figured if I started to get tired I’d just whip out ye olde Squat Strap and cheat my way to victory.

Well, long story short, the ladies destroyed me. The Squat Strap was a huge help, but the Crossfit Midtown team took me down in the end.

I was feeling down about my inability to squat as long as the ladies, but I found out after my defeat that Lis is a state champion squatter. She’s a five-time USA Power Lifting state record holder, in fact. If you’re going to get beaten, get beaten by the best, I guess.

At $19.95, the Squat Strap is an inexpensive and easy way to make squatting in the woods a little bit easier. It’s light, simple, and you can use it as a clothesline or bear bag hanging device when it’s not serving its main purpose.

I never would have thought of it, but I’m glad the Squatmonkey folks did. I’ll be taking it with me from now on, especially since it takes up almost no space and only weighs 4oz. Even for you ounce counters out there, that’s a small price to pay for easier business handling, I think.

Thanks to Squatmonkey for sending the Squat Strap over for review!

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  • mtbgreg1

    Awesome review! Thank you for going to extreme lengths to test this strap!

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