Do you find sleeping in a mummy bag constricting? Do you like to flop around in your sleep? Does your family report that during the night you resemble a body that has just tumbled down seven flights of stairs? Well good news, floppy sleeper, the folks over at Selk’bag have got your back. I stopped by their booth at Outdoor Retailer, and learned all about the great work they’re doing taking the idea of a sleeping bag and making it wearable and sprawlable.

Of course, the idea of full-body down suits has been around for a while. That’s what people wear to the summit of Everest, but while those full body suits might be warm, they are also expensive. That’s because they’re meant to be worn all the time while you’re clambering over rocks and ice, not just during sleepytime.

This expedition suit from Feathered Friends retails for $1,299.

Selk’bags, on the other hand, have insulation to keep you warm without all the expensive outerwear features and goose down. Their most technical model–although it should be said that Selk’bags aren’t meant to be too technical–the Patagon, has an MSRP of $259. It has removable booties so you can be warm while you’re walking around camp in your boots.

The other two models, the Original and the Lite, have built in booties as well as covers for your hands. You can poke your hands out if you need to… say, if you want to accept a mug of hot chocolate from an attractive stranger, but you can also stick your grabbers back inside for maximum warmth.

Here’s a somewhat-blurry photo from the Outdoor Retailer show floor:

If you are most comfortable when sprawling as though your limbs hate your body, or you’ve ever thought, “Hey, what if I could wear my sleeping bag around camp?” then you might want to take a look at Selk’bags. Now you can do both!

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  • Greg Heil

    These things look awesome!

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