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The route depicted in this photoblog covers the Black Creek Trail spanning from Big Creek Landing to the CCC Camp in chronological order. Our hike started at Big Creek Landing and led southeast for the duration of the trip.

Our group on day one at the northern terminis of the Black Creek Trail. Big Creek Landing marks the start of the Black Creek Trail and the beginning of our journey!

Brandon from the Black Creek Canoe Rental helped us shuttle our group to the beginning of the trail. His services were perfect to ensure that we had a good experience on trail as he also provided valuable information regarding the trail and the environments that we would encounter.

Near the beginning of the trail. The Black Creek Trail is marked with white blazes throughout its entirety. There are only several small sections that do not currently have blazes to mark the trail (January 2014).

A narrower section of the trail beginning to show undergrowth around the main track. This section of trail between Big Creek Landing and the CCC Camp showed the most pronounced effects of hurricane Katrina. In this photo, the lack of mature trees surrounding the trail gives evidence to significant forest damage.

Navigating some deadfalls early on in our journey. When possible, it's always best to avoid going off trail in order to prevent additional impact on the environment. Most of this section of trail was completely clear of debris.

Southern Magnolia trees. I'm sure that it would be quite beautiful to see these blossom in the spring months! From what I hear, their flower is quite impressive especially when found in a grove of blossoming trees much like those that surround the trail.

Making our way over some small, forested hills on one of the coldest days of our journey.

Descending down to a sandbar overlooking the Black Creek.

Hikes such as the Black Creek Trail provide time to escape the busyness of urban society and enjoy serenity in the wilderness. For us, finding solitude is always one of the best benefits of taking extended trips into the backcountry.

Along the Black Creek Trail, you'll find several great access points to sandbars along the Black Creek. These sandbars are great for taking breaks and enjoying the creek during the daytime! Be sure to pack out any debris or trash that you may carry in, but sandbars offer one of the best environments to utilize in order to guarantee that you'll "Leave No Trace" after you spend time there.

One of the many bridge crossings for hikers and backpackers. These bridges are often structurally sound, but some are in disarray. Be careful when crossing them, especially when they are wet as they become incredibly slick!


Another scenic photo of the Black Creek scenic waterway. The majority of the recreation in this area, other than hunting, comes in the form of canoeing and kayaking. Every spring and summer, hundreds of people flock to the river to enjoy Mississippi's most scenic paddling experience.

Kyle and Erica showing their approval and appreciation of a great day of hiking! The section of trail from Big Creek Landing to the CCC Camp provided a great introductory experience on the trail. Much of the terrain was characterized by rolling hills and renewed forests beginning to take life after Katrina. The scenic overlooks and sandbars along the Creek were a highlight during this leg of the trip!

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