Every once in a while, I run across some gear that makes outdoor life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Granite Gear‘s Water Bucket and Kitchen Sink combo are two of those products that relive stress and ease burdens, especially when with groups of people!

The Water Bucket  (MSRP $27.95)

Water Bucket

Photo Credit: Granite Gear

Coming in at a mere 5 ounces, the Granite Gear Water Bucket hosts a hefty reward with a 2.2 gallon (7.5 liter) carrying capacity.  The bucket is fully collapsible and useful in a variety of situations!  Among my favorite uses of the water bucket is simply carrying water back to my campsite from an untreated or treated water source (see video below).  This is especially useful when the water source is not close to the campsite, and I need to make multiple trips back and forth.  At 2.2 gallons, I can easily carry a great deal of water back to wherever I’m camping to provide water for boiling, purification, cooking, washing, and other uses.

The water bucket’s most useful feature is the notably rigid structure that it forms when holding water.  I’ve set the water bucket  on a variety of surfaces, both even and uneven, and I am quite surprised at how stable it is!  To  date, I have yet to see the water bucket take a tumble, despite having busy camp activity around it.  The second notable feature is the heavy-duty nylon handle for drying and pouring on the bottom of the bucket.  This makes for easy transference of water to pots and bottles.

The Kitchen Sink (MSRP $27.95)

Kitchen Sink

Photo Credit: Granite Gear

Similar to the water bucket, Granite Gear’s Kitchen Sink is a useful piece of camp gear when it comes to properly cleaning dishes, cookware, and other camp gear.  I found the kitchen sink VERY useful when doing the dishes with large groups in the backcountry.  As a trip leader and outdoor enthusiast, we certainly don’t want to be carrying around bulky, rigid bins to enable us to properly clean group dishes and cookware.  At the same time, the Kitchen Sink is also far superior and more efficient than having to do dishes in a greasy pot or pan.


Brand new, collapsed Kitchen Sink

It’s no wonder that it is described as an “ultralight collapsible sink.” The Kitchen Sink weighs in just short of the water bucket at 4 ounces!  When utilizing it throughout the past month, the only downside that I found was the less rigid quality of the Kitchen Sink.  It seems that the sink does not hold a shape or form that is comparable to the water bucket. This sometimes makes it difficult to do dishes properly, as the sidewalls have a tendency to bow inward.  However, with the proper amount of water and a little practiced technique, the Kitchen Sink’s sidewalls are still more than adequate to get the job done, and they make for a very versatile and collapsible form.

Front-country campsite during Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Front-country campsite during Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Leave No Trace Notes

I especially loved these two products when guiding and leading groups in the backcountry.  Granite Gear’s Water Bucket and Kitchen Sink are very friendly and welcome to those who practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and want to be diligent in preserving outdoor environments.  From my experience, it can be difficult for group members to avoid splashing gray water or dropping food particles while doing dishes or cleaning up.  However, I’ve seen these two pieces of gear increase efficiency and cleanliness in the backcountry to allow for better disposal and concentration of dirty water and food particles, ensuring that our pristine areas stay pristine and that fewer animals are attracted to camping areas.  The Water Bucket and Kitchen Sink also have practical front-country uses, and can serve as compact car camping equipment for the weekend enthusiast or long-term camper.

Bottom Line

Regardless of how remote or non-remote your camping is, the Granite Gear Water Bucket and Kitchen Sink are bound to make your camp chores more pleasant and efficient.

Thanks to Granite Gear for making this review possible! 

# Comments

  • mtbikerchick

    We have a similar kitchen sink and LOVE it!

  • James Tracy

    I love the idea of these, but I feel that a combined $60 could be better spent elsewhere. Would you consider this to be more of a want than a need?

  • AJ Heil

    Mtbikerchick — Word! They are pretty wonderful! Is yours a bit different?

    James Tracy — Although the price tag is hefty as an individual, I could see these items as very worthy of the investment for a trip program or anyone who will be taking groups into the backcountry. On an individual level, the money could possibly be saved using alternatives for cleaning and water carrying.

  • mtbgreg1

    Maybe it’s just the mountain biker in me, but less than $30 per item for these seems like an absolute steal!! Outdoor gear can get pretty pricy, and to me, this doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.

  • AJ Heil

    I’d have to agree with Greg based on the design quality and druability of these products! We are just exiting the back country after seven days of usage and are thrilled with how they performed. I would definitely recommend it to folks, especially those taking out groups.

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