What’s the tech craze in the outdoor gear industry these days? Well, it seems that solar-powered gadgets are certainly stealing the spotlight!


Enerplex backpacks with innovative solar technology built into the packs themselves…

When at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we’ve noticed an increasing amount of solar-powered devices, solar-power chargers, and solar-power brands emerging. Not only that, but it seems that every show and expo displays more and more solar products, as mainstream outdoor recreation incorporates more and more technology.  Portable solar panels are becoming much easier to engineer, design, manufacture, and produce–enabling the average techy/outdoorsy folk to be able to  afford them!

Phone cases with solar panels built into the back... Read our full feature article here.

Phone cases with solar panels built into the back… Read our full feature article here.

With splash after splash, solar technology is becoming a big focus in the outdoor gear world, especially when we look at the new releases, new product, and exciting developments in technology that are happening recently!  The reality is that all of these things are making it more and more feasible for us to utilize technology, be connected to media, and live with electronic devices in remote areas.  The ethical debate exists as to whether solar technology, even when produced and designed “environmentally friendly,” is truly good for our souls or not in regard to recreation. In today’s world, those going hiking, backpacking, camping, and enjoying nature are experiencing increased access to more and more technology with every passing week.


Extremely thin solar paneling that Enerplex is currently using in their products!


Many thoughts exist on the ethics behind solar development and manufacturing…

Whatever your opinions or thoughts may be on technology in the great outdoors, it’s inevitable that rugged solar power is bringing more and more devices and tech gear to our outdoor areas and onto our trails every month.  These quick developments and emerging brands have some really cool products to offer, enabling clean energy anywhere with sunlight, and allowing you to push the limits further and further in your tech-inclusive outdoor adventures!

Your Turn:  How have you experienced or used solar technology in the outdoors?

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  • James Tracy

    I own a solar battery, basically, an iphone sized solar panel with a built in battery and usb output. The battery charges by either sunlight, or can be plugged in. I also have a tiny usb battery charger, and use rechargable AA or AAA batteries for all my lights. The battery can be used to charge other batteries during the day, or cell phones/gadgets too. All that for $35 plus battery cost.

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