There are many things in life that outdoorsy people share outside of their primary activities like backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, and paddling. One of them that seems almost universal is coffee… Or at least hot drinks?  We enjoy them.  We really do!  And although I’m speaking with generalities, I think we are all looking for our fix at one point or another… And even if you don’t like coffee, this mug could meet a different need because of its versatility and awesome qualities!


Let me just start by saying it again: this mug is awesome!

The 16oz Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug (SCOHVM, for short) is one burly, powerful beverage machine–yet it is so simple in design and durability.  The mug is vacuum insulated and boasts the ability to keep beverages hot for up to 6 hours, and cold for 24 hours! Although I have yet to push it to the extreme, I can vouch for 3-4 hours of hot coffee in one use. This mug is among the best-insulated on the market.


What’s to like?

The mug is stainless steel.  Yes, a totally burly, steel body!  Don’t worry about BPA, smelly plastic, or petroleum feel: the SCOHVM is way beyond that.



You can easily and intuitively open/close the double-vacuum seal with one hand for drinking and riding ease. The push-button system allows you to be a true multitasker. I’ve enjoyed coffee while biking, driving, working, typing, or holding my girlfriend’s hand–you name it!  No need to use two hands or fumble for a switch-lid mechanism.


The mug is totally leak proof and packable. But not just by name: you can have confidence that the Vacuum Mug will hold its contents and not leak when thrown in a backpack, on the seat of your car, or into your laundry basket (not sure why you’d want it there?).


What’s not to like?

If you find something, let me know.

After over a month, I have no qualms.  Even the steel body is dent-resistant and textured. One thought might be that the vacuum bottle seems or feels heavy? I suppose, as a backpacker, this item is more of a frontcountry luxury than a piece of backcountry gear. So keep that in mind if purchasing this beast of a mug.

MSRP: $30


Thanks to STANLEY for providing the mug for review!

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