Mountain House has released a new flavor: Apple Crisp!


I gave the new flavor a test run, and was quite impressed! Specifically, the mixture was delicious, and hydrated very well. As with all Mountain House meals, this one had a super simple preparation process, only requiring hot water and a waiting period for it to fully hydrate and heat the food.  This apple crisp dessert dish contained what I’d consider to be enough for a sizable two-person dessert. Granted, this is somewhat relative depending on how much you eat OR how big your sweet tooth happens to be.IMG_6158

For my test run, I couldn’t help but add a fresh apple to the mix as well!  It just so happened that I was lucky enough to have an apple tree along my backpacking route (yes, seriously!) and I was able to cut one up and add some fresh slice.

Pro Tip: Finding fun additions can make your dehydrated/rehydrated meal more interesting and boost the amount of people you can feed.



This selection is available as a “Limited Release Item” and can be purchased direct via their website: www.MountainHouse.com

MSRP: $7.49

Stay tuned for more updates and product releases from Mountain House!

Thanks to Mountain House for providing the Apple Crisp for review.

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