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Has 19 campsites with parking areas at least 30' long at this 9200' elevation. Sites 12 and 13 have been developed for handicapped accessibility. Camping season usually begins in early May and continues into September. User fee is $15/per night/per site.
Contact: US Forest Service (
Posted by: Jeff Barber on November 30, 2005
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    Campground Activities

    Mountain biking, fishing, boating, hiking.

    Campground Amenities

    Facilities include tables, fire grates, drinking water, two handicapped-accessible vault-type toilets, and trash collection.

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    Reviews of Meadow Ridge

    Reviewed by Mary Davis on November 26, 2012

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    Site 12 is the absolute best! Big enough area for a large tent. The trail down to the lake isn't too far. Bathrooms are clean. But...I think it is closed until farther notice..maybe a couple years, there was the huge Waldo Canyon Fire there this year. Bummmer.
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    Reviewed by spoons on June 13, 2011

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    I believe this campground is also listed at

    We stayed at Meadow Ridge the 2nd weekend of June 2011. Overall, we really enjoyed the campground.
    First things first: though there are water spigots placed at several locations throughout the loop, when we visited, they were not on due to maintenance. So you might want to bring your own water.

    The grounds were clean, and fairly quiet. The folks who stayed on the east side of the loop Sunday decided to point their external speakers away from themselves, so the rest of us had a country music accompaniment to our otherwise peaceful morning. But it wasn't worth the potential confrontation to ask them to cut it out.

    Our group of 4 families was in spots 16 & 18, where things were nicely wooded. If we do this again, we'd try to get 14 & 16, as the space between them isn't quite as wooded. The spots on the west side are among pine trees, whereas the spots on the east side are more aspen. The middle was a little of each, but I think these are probably less desirable.

    The bathrooms were very clean. At each campsite, there's a pole with 2 hooks (at about 5' and 6') which was great for hanging trashbags, lights, water, whatever. The tables are a bit weather-worn, so a tablecloth might make things nicer.

    In our spots -- and from glancing, I think this is the case with most other spots -- the only really level spot for tents was the designated pad. So if you have more than 1 tent, somebody may be sleeping a little slope-y.

    While the trail down to the lake wasn't terribly long -- it took us about 10-15 minutes -- it had some VERY steep sections. But the lake did have fish, so it seemed worth the climb.
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    Reviewed by Guest on March 29, 2010

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    I loved this campground, and only have a couple complaints. During our stay, some of the neighboring campers were rather rowdy (to the point of being disruptive). They allowed their dog to bark non stop. And another camper kept accidentally setting off their car alarm all night long (which actually bacame rather humorous the third time it happened, because another camper yelled at them at 3am). My only real complaint is that the camp host didn't do much to quiet people down. Other than that, the campground was very well kept, clean, and gorgeous. I will definitely be going back, since most of the issues were just because of whoever else was camping there that weekend.
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